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Check out Part Eleven here.
KNK - Day N Night
This group is so beautiful and their voices kill me!
Monsta X - Focus On Me/Stuck
This song is my freaking jam! Kihyun's voice in the chorus it to die for!
Tiffany - Heartbreak Hotel
This song should've been her Lead song on the album. Yes it does have a music video but it doesn't have near as many views as I Just Wanna Dance. This deserves so much more! Don't get me wrong I Just Wanna Dance was great too but this song is amazing!
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@MonAnnahiX That's my favorite part too!! The whole chorus is amazing though!
@ChaErica I love the whole song it's perfect, but my favorite part is when Jooheon & I.M rap together and then Kihyun finishes it off 👉"I close my eyes but I see you, I'm not gonna hesitate anymore. I really made up my mind; From today I'm only obsessed with you. But I'm not dangerous, so baby don't worry."
@MonAnnahiX Me too! It's so freaking good!!!
I'm addicted to Focus On You right now too!!