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Thirty-Third Group: Cross Gene
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Members: (6)
Name: Lee Se Young
Stage Name: Seyoung
Nickname: Miracle Gene
He is a vocalist.
He was born in 1990.
Name: Zhong Ze Xiang
Stage Name: Casper
Nickname: Wild Chic Gene
He is a rapper.
He was born in 1991.
Fun Fact: He is Chinese.
Name: Shin Won Ho
Stage Name: Shin
Nickname: Presh Gene
He is a vocalist.
He was born in 1991.
Name: Terada Takuya
Stage Name: Takuya
Nickname: Gorgeous Gene
He is the Leader and a vocalist.
He was born in 1992.
Fun Fact: He is Japanese.
Name: Kim Sang Min
Stage Name: Sangmin
Nickname: Organic Gene
He is a rapper.
He was born in 1992.
Name: Kim Yong Seok
Stage Name: Yongseok
Nickname: Mypace Gene.
He is the Maknae and a vocalist.
He was born in 1993.
Former Members:
J.G (Gao Jia Ning) - Was the Maknae and a vocalist. His nickname was the Destiny Gene. He was also Chinese.
Do you know this group?
Who is your bias? Mine is Seyoung.
Also should we continue to use more than one photo of the member? Or should we go back to the original way?
@MaeLyn Well if you see this you failed to aegyo your way out of this group! ;)
If you'd like to be tagged in this card let me know in the comments!
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omo, cross gene!!!! I love these guys 😢😢😢 Seyoung oppa, Casper oppa, everyone is all up there lol. Love their Play with me era! 💕 second favourite card jaja
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