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Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: Fluff (it's not an angst but I'm not sure if this is still qualifying as a fluff) Chapter: 3 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.
Y/N's POV "Wait, hold on. Lay wake up!" you said panicking. Yixing's eyes slowly fluttered open and he sat up without releasing your hand. That sleepy mean face he had on made him look irresistible but you had to get a grip on yourself. You stood up quick after he'd nonchalantly let you go and walked over to the desk you had placed his food on. You grabbed it and walked back over to see him rubbing his eyes in sleepiness. You sighed giving him a soft smile, that was cute to you. You hadn't seen him look like that before. You handed him his food and he sat in bed looking at the box blank face. He didn't move for a moment so you said, "Yixing you need to eat." Yixing hadn't moved. You sighed, a little annoyed now. You didn't buy the food just for him to admire the box it came in. So you tapped his legs and by habit he pulled them in and situated himself so that he was criss crossed. You mirrored the way he sat and took the box from him. He finally looked up at you, "What are you doing?" he asked. You were opening the box in your lap and pulling out the chopsticks. You picked up a leaf of lettuce with rice inside. It had a sauce on it and meat and vegetables mixed in. You held your hand under it so the food wouldn't fall onto the bed and you reached over to him. "Open." You commanded gently. He looked at you with a blank face. "Y/N I can feed myself." "Oh I know but you're not so I'll have to force feed you myself. Now open your mouth, you chipmunk." Yixing smiled, his dimple appearing; he listened and opened his mouth. You placed the food inside and watched him chew. You tried biting back a smile, thinking that all that food you gathered up puffed up his cheeks making him really look like a chipmunk. He swallowed the food down and you gathered more mirroring your actions from before. You did this for a while with Yixing gazing into your eyes intensely the entire time. Yixing suddenly held his hand up to you. He was still chewing his food so he couldn't say it but you knew to take that as a sign that he was done eating. You covered up the food again and started to get up when he grabbed your hand. You turned to him surprised. "Wh-?" You didn't have time to finish asking him what was the matter because his lips now covered yours. A million thoughts were running through your head at once but they quickly disappeared as you focused on the fluttering sensations going through your body. This was so sudden; you couldn't think as you felt his tongue tangle with yours. His hand was on your cheek and you couldn't recall when he put it there but you felt it slide to the back of your head. He pulled you in to deepen the kiss, you enjoyed the kiss so much you let out a small moan in his mouth. You could feel his lips curl up before he pulled away. A small smile on his face but you were wide eyed. Your face started burning up and you were embarrassed beyond belief. Why did he kiss you so suddenly? You were screaming in your head, you had to get out of the room quickly. You needed some water or ice, hell maybe even a cold shower. 'What the hell just happened?' You thought as you walked out the door panting slightly. You kept it together well enough to feed him without getting too flustered but you noticed that while you were feeding him him your hands were slightly shaking. You didn't know if he had noticed considering he was looking deep into your eyes the entire time. You made it to the kitchen and got a glass of water when your phone started to ring making you jump a little. You answered it only to hear a male voice greet you in Chinese. Yixing's POV He watched her get up and leave the room, her face almost beaming red. He didn't think that through all he knew was that he wanted her more than ever. She did so much for him and he often acted ungrateful towards her. That's why she was walking away from him in his dreams. He didn't want her to walk away, he was scared for her to walk away. Now, because he acted on impulse he'd probably scared her off. He probably made things awkward for her or maybe she was trying to figure out what she'd tell Jong-dae. She kissed the boys all the time but it was on the cheek or the nose, on top of the head or the forehead; never had she publicly kissed any of them on the lips. Based off her reaction, he was starting to think more and more that her and Jong-dae may have been secretly seeing each other. He didn't realize that he'd talked in his sleep either, calling Y/N jagi and pleading for her not to go. It seemed like the only place he could have her was in his dreams. He wanted it to be real though, he admired Jong-dae for his singing skills and his determination but he wanted to push him out of the way. He wanted him to stop getting so close to Y/N he didn't want them to be together. He liked that she fed him, but wasn't that something a mother did for her child, not really what lovers do, right? He wasn't a child, he didn't like people doing things for him that he could do himself, especially her. Lay always put more pressure on himself than he needed though; he guessed that was the exact reason she was pushing him so much to get rest and to eat. He was thankful for her kindness but he didn't want her pity, he wanted her, her body, her heart, her eyes only on him; he wanted everything. He was jealous. He got out of bed and grabbed a t-shirt to put on. Figures she'd be used to hanging around men without a shirt on. Once she was so shocked that Min-seok had abs because of his baby face that all she did was touch him. Min-seok was at first uncomfortable but her screaming about how cute he was and how sexy his abs were had made him laugh. He made his way into the kitchen to see her on the phone smiling. Was she on the phone with Jong-dae again? "I'm so glad you called to check up on him though, that was really sweet." He heard Y/N say. She was speaking Chinese, it couldn't be Chen, that was a relief. She looked up noticing him standing in the door way. He could see her visibly get tense and that made him feel like shit. "Oh he just walked in hold on I'll put you on speaker phone" She pulled the phone away from her ear, and pressed the speaker button. The person on the other side began to speak, "Hey Yixing! How are you?" "Tao? Hey it's been a while, nice to hear your voice." Yixing said smiling. He saw Y/N look up at him a little surprised but she smiled at him relaxing slightly. She leaned against the counter and listened to Tao and Yixing talking. "Oh hey, how was it working with Wiz Khalifa?" Y/N asked going back to Korean. "Oh it was so scary, I was nervous around him." "Was it hard to understand his English?" she laughed. Tao said, "Yes, sometimes he slurred his words and I wouldn't understand him so I had to keep asking him to repeat what he said. I think he got mad at me once. " Yixing and Y/N laughed. They continued talking for another ten minutes before Tao said he had to go. He expressed that he was glad Yixing was okay and that he should take it easy and not make Y/N worry about him any more. Y/N tried to cut him off but Yixing smiled and said he'd behave for her sake and she hung up the phone. She looked at him nervous again and his heart began to ache. Jong-dae's POV Jong-dae had spent nearly the entire day with Y/N but still he wanted her to stick around. He acknowledged the fact that she took responsibility for taking care of Yixing and, knowing Yixing, he would've been tough to deal with because he didn't like being taken care of. Still, when she had asked Jun-myeon to drop her off at the house after they ate he was a little disappointed. He was joking at the restaurant when he said that he was being replaced by Yixing but it was starting to seem true to him. They had been close for years and over that time he'd developed feelings for her. He had kept those feelings to himself after hearing her say that she didn't have time to date because she was busy taking care of the guys. She also didn't want to date because she would have to stop flirting around the boys. She'd successfully stopped flirting with Jung-in when he hooked up with Krystal but the others were still fair game. He wasn't sure if she liked anyone specific in the group until he noticed that she seemed to pay a little more attention to Yixing. She watched him closely sometimes, he didn't seem to notice but Jong-dae picked up on it quick. Jong-dae walked up to Min-seok and asked, "Hey do you think Y/N really has a thing for Yixing?" Min-seok looked at him with raised eyebrows wondering why he was asking that question but he just shrugged. "The only person that could tell you that is Y/N." "You're no help hyung." They all piled into the car, Kai and D.O were broadcasting live on the v app. They were reading comments from the viewers and we're responding to some. Someone asked to see Chen so they turned the camera to Jong-dae and he waved saying hi and sending hearts to the fans. They ended the broadcast as soon as they arrived home and they walked in the house. Yixing and Y/N were in the living room sitting separate from each other. From what Jong-dae noticed, Y/N looked uncomfortable. Y/N was on her phone, her head relaxing on her hand. "Y/N." He said catching her attention. She looked up to see who called and when she saw him she got up and smiled. She came over to him and said, "Hey, good thing you made it back, I was beginning to think you'd miss your bed time." "You see only an eomma could say such things." She shook her head while pressing her forefinger up against his forehead. "You'll never guess who called today!" she said happy. "Who?" "Tao, he called to check up on Yixing after hearing he collapsed. He sounds like he's doing good though." "That's good, I miss Tao." "Same, he was my little Panda." she said. Jong-dae shook his head with a laugh. Jong-dae sat in front of Y/N and they began to chat about multiple things, starting off first with how their dance practice went. Jong-dae kept saying that Jong-in messed up because they were missing Yixing so he was always counting one or two beats off. She laughed and promised Yixing would be refreshed in time for their comeback performance. He noticed Yixing was looking at them every once in a while even though he was in his own conversation. "Hey are you staying over tonight?" Chen asked. "Yeah I guess I should, it'd be easier to just stay. Can I borrow your clothes?" "Sure." "It's funny when Y/N wears Chen's clothes because her chest always stretches out his shirts." Chanyeol said laughing. Y/N gave Chanyeol a pouting face as she covered up her chest and the boys burst out laughing. Y/N shushed them, "You're too loud." she said feigning anger. "Damn Eomma Y/N back at it again with the parenting skills." Chanyeol said making a parody of the damn Daniel vine. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at him while saying, "Watch your language young man." It only made him laugh harder. Jong-dae loved being around her, talking, laughing, smiling, hugging and getting kisses from her. She was beautiful to him. When it was time to head off to bed, he gave her his t-shirt and a pair of shorts to sleep in. Min-seok and Jong-dae talked until Min-seok fell asleep. Y/N and Jong-dae talked about their schedule for the next day. She was calculating everything they needed to do and he couldn't help but listen to every word that came out of her mouth. She was speaking quick which often happened when she was planning things out. She was going to take Yixing to the photo shoot so he could finish up his parts but after that she was going to let him rest. She suggested seeing a movie or taking the guys out for ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop if they could finish everything early. He just laughed at her enthusiasm. Neither one of them could go to sleep though. Y/N POV You and Jong-dae sat in the darkness silently, neither one of you could fall asleep so you both decided to head to the kitchen to make some tea. Your head was spinning as you thought back to the events of today. Yixing begging you not to leave his side in his dreams and he didn't seem to realize that he'd said it out loud or that he grabbed you. To top it all off he had kissed you too. You could feel your face heating up again from the memory of his lips over yours. Part of you was super happy you finally got to kiss him and the other half was confused. You'd be lying if you said you didn't want more of him though. You were pretty good at hiding from the others that anything had happened and talking to Jong-dae had distracted you well enough. Yixing didn't say a word to you after you two got off the phone with Tao. You guys had sat down to watch TV together but every time he moved to adjust himself in his seat you tensed up. You liked him, you didn't know why you were acting like that but it slowly dawned on you that you were scared to admit your feelings for him. Whether he kissed you first or not he was an idol. You flirted on and off again with the boys but some people flipped out when they found out about Kai dating Krystal; what wound happen if you dated Lay? That was all so complicated, you hated yourself for being in love with him. Besides, you had no time to be in a relationship anyway, you were always traveling around with the guys, getting them to their meetings on time, making sure they were happy and healthy, having a boyfriend complicated things. Having Yixing as a boyfriend was double the trouble, you weren't even sure if he wanted to date you. He could've just wanted some quick comfort; although, Yixing didn't seem like the type to do that. You didn't know what to think anymore. You had no idea what was going on. You guys got to the kitchen and you made your way to the cupboard. You pulled out the tea bags, looking at the various ones to see which one you wanted. "Chamomile or Earl Grey?" you asked. "Either is fine." Jong-dae replied. "Chamomile it is." You said. You put the water on the stove and turned around to lean against the counter. The more you thought about Yixing's kiss the harder it was for you to calm your brain. Thoughts flew around your head, you wanted to know why he'd kissed you in the first place. Simply asking would make everything less difficult but when you wanted to ask earlier the words wouldn't leave your lips. Why did he have to be like that? He let you hug him and joke with him but he purposely made sure you didn't get too close. Then he goes and kisses you messing up your brain entirely. You groaned lowly, annoyed by your own thoughts. "Y/N-ah." You looked up at Jong-dae; had he been talking to you the entire time? He looked as if had been watching you closely. "Something happened between you and Lay didn't it?" he said. You felt heat rise in you face again 'damn it have I lost my ability to play it cool' you thought to yourself. You smiled at him and said, "Of course not, you know me, I'm just always worrying about you guys." "Don't lie." He said it so matter of factly it caught you off guard. "Chen." "Are you in love with Lay?" You were embarrassed but you laughed, "Where is that coming from? I love all you guys you know that." "I know you love us all but I asked if you were in love with him." His tone was different, not scary per say but it unnerved you. He wasn't smiling and telling jokes like the happy go lucky Chen you knew. He was walking up closer to you, looking in your eyes. That action seemed familiar some how, like how Yixing looked before he'd kissed you. This was Jong-dae though, your best friend. He was taller than you but not so much that you felt like he was towering over you like when you were with Yixing. However, this time you felt absolutely tiny when he looked down into your eyes. He moved closer putting his hand on your cheek and it felt like the hair on your head was about to stand up. "Jong-dae." you whispered confused against his lips. Your voice was shaky but he kept moving like he hadn't noticed, "It's okay if you like him just tell me." "Jong-dae you're really close right now. Back up a little okay." "Tell me if you love him and I'll move. Speak quickly, I can't promise I'll behave like a good boy if you don't." You looked back into his eyes, he looked harmless enough but you had never seen him this serious before. It was making you so uncomfortable that when you finally spoke it came out low and small, shaky and unsure. "I don't know." "That's the wrong answer." He said looking deep into your eyes. What the hell? What was the right answer then? Was this person still your best friend? The same Jong-dae that called you Eomma Y/N. The same Jong-dae you made inappropriate jokes with and teased the boys about their fans shipping them? The same Jong-dae you shared a bed with when you stayed over, and borrowed clothes from (and apparently stretched out cause your chest were too big) when you started the night? Your mind once again raced trying to figure out the situation happening, the last thing you heard him say was, "I love you Y/N." His lips crashed down on yours sweeping you up in his arms to pull you close to him. You received and returned the kiss but you weren't able to think, your mind was screaming for a second but was now silent. Your hand gripped his shirt, your other hand in his hair. He deepened the kiss wanting you more but it felt strange catching his lips between your teeth, feeling your tongues tangle and explore. Your eyes were closed and although, you were kissing Chen all you could picture was Yixing. His cheeks puffed like a chipmunk, his sleepy face, his smile showing his dimple that you always wanted to put your pinky in. Yixing was who you wanted and for a second you forgot you were kissing Chen. You had dove so deep into this picture of Yixing, his pouting face and his crying one; the same face he made when you realized you were in love with him. The kiss seemed to have lasted forever but in reality you two probably only kissed for a minute. You both were so distracted that you didn't hear the shuffling of feet coming down the hall and into the kitchen. You broke apart when you heard a voice say, "Y/N?"
Damn this chapter was Hella long, I had to get all the POV's in for this chapter though. I had planned to put it up earlier but I had to go back and do spell and grammar check and then I had work so sorry for the wait. Thank you to everyone reading I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @griseldazenger @elishafisher @tiffany1922
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