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Hey you guys. I'm back with another introduction. This time its Sihyoung, a rapper in History. Haven't found a bias yet but you never know. Basic Facts: Real Name- Kim SiHyoung Birthdate- 5/15/1992 From Busan, South Korea Position- Rapper
Fun Facts: Previously a model and ulzzang
To relieve stress, he listens to music and dance
Has a habit of biting his lips. He does it when he is talking to someone or when he is nervous.
Watch his awesome dance skills in this focus video!
I think I may have found my bias, but who knows lol. I hoped you enjoyed learning more about Sihyoung.

Is He Your Bias?

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I just saw that @Vixxstarlight1 .... @JohnEvans you should change that, and tag me 😄
I'm changing it right now lol. and I'll start tagging you @LemonLassie
@JohnEvans i like to find things i can use against you
Sihyoung!! He's so adorable and dorky! I love his deep voice.
ooooo I love his rapping voice too...