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This beautiful English Voice Actress has played many amazing roles that we all have grown to love in the Anime (dub) world xD She can go from a high pitched (either sweet or really out there xD) to a nice mature womanly voice (sometimes xD) She has done many amazing voices that we have come to love like...

Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail❤

May Rin from Black Butler❤

Tsubaki from Soul Eater❤

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland❤

Kayano Kaede from Assassination Classroom❤

Misaki Mei from Another❤

She does those voices and so many more! Well until next Wednesday xD! Tagging: @hikaymm @BlackoutZJ @Tylor619cruz
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@AimeBolanos no problem. I did mine on the Voice Actor in Love Live
@AnimeNerdie Tomoko is my bae... who she voices so... I'll accept that.
lol ok @AdamDean
Monica also does the voice for Yukari Sendo in Rosario+Vampire
@natsud97 Lol ik but she voices so many to put all in one card 😞