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Welcome to the third episode of Mock The Week: Anime Edition. For this episode, give suggestions on what anime characters would say if they were endorsing American products. specify who the character is and what he/she is endorsing. Remember the rules: 1. You can make as many jokes as you want. No limit. 2. Be as witty, clever and as funny as you can with your answers. 3. You can reference as many characters as you want. 4. 72 hours after this is first posted, I'll declare a winner, runner up and third place. 5. Have fun with this. Episode 2 Winners are... 1. @AdamDean 2. @SimplyAwkward 3. @nimm14 A few honorable mentions for... 1. @KanakoWatashima 2. @supbroscene 3. @huskey501 Good Luck!
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naruto :have you ever been called from work just as you sat down to eat ramen well, worry no more buy maruchan today Share Gif:
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Hi, this is Asuna here. Dealing with the knights of the blood oath, I don't also get to venture out on front lines. When I need to make Kirito a sandwich and don't have time I use Boar's head. It has all of the adventurous flavor without the hassle of having to hunt yourself and Kirito can never tell the difference! You need to level up and use Boar's head too!
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Full Metal Alchemists: Need American muscle? * Major Alex Armstrong flexes* Come down to the Ford dealership to get your own Mustang. They are at an all time low price and are HOT! HOT! HOT! Even ask General Roy Mustang. *General Mustang snaps his fingers and the ground burst into flames spelling Mustang.* Yes, yes they are.
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People hang onto her every fortune. She could take you out with Fairy Glitter. Gildarts would call her Daddy's little girl. She is the heaviest drinker in Fiore. Cana (slurred): I don't always drink, but when I do... Mira: but Cana you do always drink 馃槓 Cana (slurred):...but when I do....I prefer by the barrel....stay drunk my friends....keep'em coming Mira!!!....
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light Yagami's new potato chips! "I'm gonna take a chip AND EAT IT" caution: might give you a heart attack
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