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Since Today is 400 days with Monsta X, let's go back to No.Mercy.

"You know what it's all about." -Jooheon

- #GUN

"Reverse" -Jooheon

The full part of this episode where this happens is attached here!

- I honestly can't re-watch the whole 10 episodes because it's too much for my ♡, but I love watching parts here and there.

Have you watched No.Mercy? What's your favorite part or episode?

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@swarrier16 Aaah yes!! & When he felt bad when fans started following got7 and how popular they turned out to be. That breaks my heart. 🙁
@PrettieeEmm 😭😭 I literally love rewatching #GUN and Jooheon moments! 💔
@MonAnnahiX they're so cute together.. I ship it
I thought the show was heartbreaking. Watching the boys cry when an elimination happened was awful.
Oh my god!! Why have I not watched this yet!?!? It sounds so funny!!!! XD