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When I listen to music I am in another world.

I make up music videos or scenarios and act it out in my head along with whatever song I'm listening to at the time.

I love listening to more intense songs that make me feel like I could take on the world, and here are a few :3

BAP - Warrior

Block B - NalinA

BTS - We Are Bulletproof Pt2

EXO - Two Moons

Mino - I'm Him

What are some other songs you listen to to make you feel bad ass?

Who else makes up MVs in their head?
on a serious note, i think kpop made me a more outgoing person. the craziness of korean entertainment made me less self conscious.
-your song choices -Anything BTS -Anything BIGBANG (solos) -Anything VIXX (solos) -Anything Shinhwa (solos) -Anything CL -iKON Rhythym Ta, M.U.P, #WYD, Dumb&Dumber -Anything Cross Gene -JJCC Fire, Insomnia -Topp Dogg Say It -SuJu/M/K.R.Y SuperMan, Mr. Simple, Swing, Walking, Break Down, S.O.L.O, Bonamana, Sorry Sorry, Loving You, This Love -Block B/Bastarz/Solos Conduct Zero, Nililili Mambo, Tough Cookie, Freeze! -Anything B.A.P -Anything EXO (solos) -Anything Jay Park -Anything from SMTM -Anything WINNER
BTS makes me feel bad ass ALL the time lol
I'm just like actually! BTS VIXX EXO, 2NE1 AND A LOT MORE. make me feel bad girl all the time
Yupppp literally all the time I change a lot 😂😂 CL, BTS, EXO etc.... all make me feel badass cx
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