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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3: The tables have turned~

You realised very quickly it was just the beginning of a long day. The slightly irritated manager noona took you to the side, once again debriefing you on certain aspects of the boys' schedule and what you were to do. The basic jist of it was that you were to stick to them everyday, all day as she handed you more sheets.

The moment she walked away, you sat down, watching the boys intently while reading your notes in between stares.

Definitely after seeing them dance, you could see the potential of some of them, being able to picture a few as idols. For instance; the tanned one at the front of the routine's formation caught your eye immediately - he had so much presence and his movements were so fluid - he reminded you of a ballerina.

There was another guy that was amazing - the smiley sweaty one who immediately changed into a whole different person as soon as the music started - his moves were so sharp and point on - he looked like he had been dancing his whole life.

The boy who looked unamused and unsmiling during practice and breaks was actually very, very good - you were quite surprised that he could easily keep up with those two amazing boys. And the girly one with long hair (Luhan you remembered his name was) definitely got manly points for looking a lot less feminine when he danced.

Sohee, or whatever that guy's actual name was, could really dance! He may have been small, but his movements were point on, if not, more exaggerated than the other dancers, but you guessed that was so that he could if not stand out from the others, at least look like he was keeping up.

However, along with amazing dancers, come the not-so-amazing dancers; and there were a few...

Suho or Junmyeon, or whatever his name was, was actually not that bad - he kept up pretty well and it surprised you, maybe it was because of the confidence he had - it masked the fact that he wasn't the best dancer in the bunch. The lanky guy with the toothy smile just could not coordinate his body to the movements. And unfortunately his douchey friend was all right - you noticed he had amazing thighs that depressed you further.

Your eyes wandered to Kevin who looked very focused, trying not to miss one step. He wasn't bad thank goodness - he was keeping up the same as Suho or Junmyeon or whatever. You couldn't help but notice very quickly, just how huge Kevin was compared to the other members - it kind of looked like an optical illusion at certain times, but you tried not to laugh or smirk watching him dance with boys who looked like children next to him.

Surprisingly the emo, eye-bag boy was keeping up! He looked solely focused on the moves, but it was impressive how he danced to the music in time. And the boy with huge eyes who looked terrified shocked you the most because he was actually pretty good.

However there was one appalling dancer - you realised pretty quickly it was the guy with the amazing jaw bone - he just could not move in the same way as the others; when the others spun in one step, like the tanned one in front, he would take 4 steps going round in a circle - he was a little far from graceful to say the least - you couldn't help but chuckle a little, bless, he was trying at least. However you came to the conclusion that SM wouldn't recruit this guy for no reason so he must have had some other amazing talent that made up for his lack of dancing skills.

As soon as practice ended; you rushed to bring the boys their towels, you decided to go to the one up front - the tanned one - who was also the sweatiest judging by the looks of all of them. You offered him a towel, but he barely looked at you, nodding his head in acknowledgment before taking the it, mopping up his face and walking off to sit on the floor near the windows, fanning himself lightly.

You help in an eye roll the minute the lanky, tall, toothed guy walked up to you with his other friend with the great thighs. Both of them snickered, gesturing for a towel with accentuated movements; "I am hot - towel." They jibed in English, pointing at the towel and then fanning themselves. You held in the snarky replies that were bursting to come out, and just handed the two their towels, letting them walk away.

You couldn't help but notice however that the small guy with large eyes rolled his eyes at them as they walked past. He opened his mouth, about to say something - but the tanned one held him back; shaking his head and muttering a few words that calmed him down immediately.

"Hello, thank you." the longhaired guy - Luhan said, offering his hand for you to place the towel in it. You snapped back into reality - looking up at Luhan. He smiled and bowed politely while you handed the towel over, mimicking his smile.

"Thank you." Luhan spoke in English, panting a little since he was fatigued from all the dancing. You wanted to tell him he was a great dancer, but held back, worried you weren't on that level of friendship yet, but nonetheless, it wouldn't take long you concluded since you couldn't help but warm up to this nice girly guy.

Kevin approached looking exhausted.

"Hey." He nodded before stopping in front of you. You offered him a towel and before you could say anymore to him. The amazing dancer guy - the one with dimples approached - exchanging a few words with Kevin. The moment he spoke though, you realised Kevin must have been Chinese along with this guy because they spoke in Mandarin, not Korean.

"Does she know Chinese?" the other guy asked looking at you and giving a little nod.

"Y/N, do you know Chinese?" Kevin asked in English.

"I know a little." You replied in Mandarin, feeling very self-conscious.

But that was a goof enough barrier broken in this boy's case, because he immediately perked up - bowing at you very politely and delicately taking a towel from you.

"Thank you, where are you from?" He asked dabbing himself, happy to know there was someone else he could speak Chinese to.

"Your welcome - I'm from England." You replied speaking slowly - not wanting to mess up your words in front of native speaker.

"Wow, I'm Yixing." The guy said pointing to himself and bowing slightly.

"I'm Y/N." You replied unable to stop yourself from blushing. Yixing broke out into a delicate smile - you couldn't help but notice the emergence of two dimples on either side of his cheeks when he smiled - it reminded you of a baby face. You couldn't help but break out into a bigger smile.

"Zitao come over here." Yixing called out to eyebags - you guessed his name was Zitao then. Even Kevin who was dabbing the towel over his forehead ushered an unsure looking eyebags towards him.

Kevin took a towel offered and gave it to Zitao who was acting shy and whispering to him unsurely. You realised pretty soon that this Zitao had a) muscles not be reckoned with and b) a height that could nearly match Kevin's. You tried to smile at Zitao, but he shyly looked away clinging onto Kevin who tried to look annoyed at his actions, but failed. Kevin gave you an apologetic look before saying "thanks for the towel." and walked off with Zitao by his side. Yixing nodded in thanks and went to join the other two.

"Hello." Two voices behind you said, causing you to jump on the spot in shock.

"Oh sorry, haha." You turned around to see the Sohee look alike and awful dancing, amazing jawbone guy standing and smiling at you. You smiled back in response.

"Hi." You replied weakly, trying to regain a normal pulse. They seemed amused by your reaction, especially jawbone guy - when he smiled he reminded you of a cute monkey, he looked so cheeky.

"Can we have a towel please?" Jawbone guy asked, Sohee nodded in agreement.

"Oh yes, of course - here." You said, handing them a towel each they nodded in thanks - Sohee immediately wiping the sweat off of his forehead, looking exhausted.

"Sorry, what's your name?" Jawbone guy asked in Korean.

"Y/N." You replied tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

"Hello Y/N, my name is Jongdae." Jawbone guy said gesturing to himself and nodding politely at you.

"And my name is Minseok." Sohee said giving you a tired smile.

"Nice to meet you." You replied, unsure of what to say next - it was nice that they were being so polite, open and friendly - but you didn't want to push your luck and badger them with questions.

"Well, see you later." Minseok said tugging on Jongdae's shirt and leading him away.

"Bye." Jongdae said over his shoulder, giving a little wave. You waved back giving a small smile to both of them.

Suho or Junmyeon, or whatever his name was, approached you finally when you were alone. He smiled brightly at you, giving you a grin and asked for a towel. As soon as you handed it to him, he said thanks.

"So, how are you like working here?" Junmyeon (you finally decided to use his backstage name) asked, trying to make small talk.

"Yeah it's good, just trying to keep up with everyone." You replied, entertaining his question. However before Junmyeon could continue, you noticed there was another sweaty guy who hadn't taken a towel - the unamused, unsmiling guy who was rolling his eyes and pouting at nothing.

"Oh, sorry excuse me, I have to give someone a towel." You interrupted Junmyeon, feeling bad for doing so - but you didn't want to get an arse-wooping by the Noona manager for not giving each boy a towel.

You walked up to the unsmiling guy and handed him a towel, "Here, thought you might need one." You said smiling, he nodded, mumbling a quiet thank you, before walking away to join the tanned guy near the window and big eyes.

This routine continued for about two weeks, in the dorms you continued to share a room with a manager noona who took care of everything in the dorm - you would stay in your room most of the time since she told you not to go out and socialize. So dorm life was boring, you felt like you were missing out on getting to know these guys. So the routine was just; eat, sleep, and work.

*sigh* this was not what I signed up for.

You received texts from India asking how it was going and begging you to spill the beans on kpop life, but you had nothing really to say about it. You hadn't seen or met any other kpop groups which was depressing, and the pay was beyond low so you couldn't afford any good food except for instant noodles you make using a plug-in kettle in your room.

The only up side so far to the job was you got to keep up with the latest Korean music and the internet supply was ridiculously fast.

However, at the end of these two weeks of nothingness...

It was another casual day of giving the boys their water and towels - you'd managed to learn their names by now, hearing them shout for each other during practice. You realised pretty quickly that they barely interacted with the female employees or trainees that passes - probably because you knew - fan girls will flip if it was found out any idols had prior history with the opposite sex, so they remained to keep their distance even from you.

"Ahhhhh why would they hire a foreigner who can't even understand the language?" Chanyeol grumbled to Baekhyun within earshot during another time of giving the boys their water. You looked up confused, watching the two of them exchange each other looks; you were so irritated by these aresholes because they had continued this act from the moment you arrived.

They continued to talk about you, saying you didn't belong here and that you looked weird - the situation was spiraling into your worst nightmare. You refused to cry in front of 12 strangers. You didn't want to let these two idiots know you were hurt - but your face said it all. But you couldn't shout at them there were managers in the room discussing tactics and such - so all you could do was look down, tighten your fist, and....

"Why do you two have to be like that?" An angry voice muttered.

You looked up and realised the small guy with large eyes (Kyungsoo) had spoken up, and attempted to stick up for you. But the two boys stared at him aloof, before bursting out into laughter.

"And you do realize she can understand what you're saying." The tanned boy (Jongin) said walking past the two, drinking the water you had given him before.

Then they both stopped laughing and looked at you sheepishly.

You couldn't help but notice that all eyes were on you, even Zitao and Yixing seemed to listen intently to what was being said.

"She's just like you, she's away from home and doesn't know anyone - give her a break." Kyungsoo snapped, staring them down, regardless of how much taller the lanky one was. Baekhyun's mouth stayed open, he looked at you unsurely - conflicting ideas within him.

But a moment of realisation seemed to dawn upon him.

"She's gonna be with us for a long time... so we might as well just stop Chanyeol." So Chanyeol just shrugged, letting the situation go.

"I was getting bored anyway." He muttered turning away from you and fastening his cap on more securely before walking off to the other side of the room.

Baekhyun gave you an apologetic look before turning around and joining Chanyeol.

You stood still for a bit, feeling dazed over what just happened. But the moment your senses came back to you, your eyes met Kyungsoo's...

He turned away, walking off and looking embarrassed.

Over the following days, the attitude towards you definitely changed. You didn't feel as much of an outcast as you had been a few days prior to Kyungsoo's little outburst. The idle chit-chat with Kevin in between practice aided the situation, making the boys no longer ignore your existence. Especially the Chinese boys who understood Kyungsoo's words about you being thrown into a foreign country with no family and friends, they took a turn for the better.

You could tell nice thighs, or Baekhyun, had flipped a switch because he was actually talking to you like a normal human being instead of acting like a dick. He would speak up a bit more, trying to sound chipper and friendly, saying things like, "Can I have another water bottle for Chanyeol, thanks... I'm so sweaty haha..." so you shirked him off. Deciding it was better to be on good terms with him and ignore the past since you would be working together for awhile.

On another routine day, it was your job to ensure the boys were directed to another practice room as their original one was closed for the day to undergo some repairs.

However as you counted the members with a noona manager, you both noticed eyebags, Zitao, was missing from the group.

"Go and get him, he's probably in the other dance room." the noona ordered looking annoyed, that was the usual look she had on everyday. But you scurried off, knowing you would be in huge trouble if you didn't bring him back soon since he was vital for the routine just like any member. Your eyes met Kevin's as you walked out, he looked just as confused as you were on where Tao's whereabouts were.

You knew your way around the practice rooms pretty well by now, so you reached the old practice room in less than a minute. There were no lights on in the room, which was confusing because you could hear sniffling and some voices.

You walked in confused.

There were three figures in the darkness, there were in the corner of the room. You could see a figure was huddled on the floor while two other figures loomed over it.

You realised through the sniffles that it was Zitao who was curled into a ball in the corner of the room.

"Come on, speak up you Chinese piece of-" One of the guys said in Korean. The other boy gripped onto Zitao's hair and pulled it up, pulling Zitao up as consequence, but he never uttered a word, he just quietly whimpered.

You couldn't help but let your instincts kick in, regardless of whether you'd be punished or not - the anger bubbled up inside you over flooded, you had to say something, it was disgusting how Zitao was getting beaten up by two Korean trainees because he was Chinese? If there was one thing on this Earth you couldn't tolerate, it was racism.

"Oi, what the hell do you think you're doing?!? I will report your arses to the manager and get you kicked out if you lay one more finger on him." You shouted with as much venom and authority that you could muster.

The boys jumped in surprise and turned around, only to snigger when they realised it was only a foreign girl shouting at them. Zitao looked at you confused.

"PFF you're bluffing." One of the losers said sneering at you. But you stood your ground, staring hard back at both of them.

"Oh really, try me. I know your faces." You stated unsmiling.

One of the guys turned around back to Zitao, "Whatever, he's pathetic anyways. He'll drop put soon enough since he's such a baby." He hissed before tapping his friend and walking past you, out the door, but you made sure to eye each of them like a hawk until they disappeared down the corridor.

You rushed over to Tao who had stood up. You scrambled around in your pockets to find a tissue and handed him one, unsure of what to do. Zitao sniffles in the tissue, mopping up his tears - it broke your heart seeing someone this upset. This boy had muscles - they were evident under his shirt - but why he chose not to beat those pipsqueaks, and just take the abuse, made you realize how sensitive he really must be, it formed a newfound respect for Zitao within you.

"Thank you." he mumbled in the darkness in Mandarin.

"It's alright, are you OK? That's horrible, do you know those people? Do you want me to report them because I will..." Questions blurted out of your mouth since you didn't really know how else to handle the situation.

"No its OK, it'll just cause more problems." Zitao mumbled dabbing his cheeks.

Silence in the room occurred once more. You opened your mouth to speak, wanting to address a question that was raised in your mind.

"Do they bully you... because you're not Korean?" You asked quietly, worried Zitao would be offended by the personal question.

But he nodded slowly in response.

"That's awful Zitao, but... but I know how you feel." You said sympathetically.

Zitao once again nodded, so you took that as a queue, once he was done mopping up his face, to lead him to the other practice room.

But as soon as you walked in, the manager noona looked furious.

"Y/N-shi, why has it taken you so long to get Zitao? Zitao, go back to the formation and start practicing. As for you, come over here and explain."

Zitao opened his mouth to speak, ready to say something, but you beat him to it-

"-I'm so sorry, I got lost and I couldn't find the practice room, so I was walking around asking for directions, Zitao actually found me and brought me here..." You bluffed your way to cover for him.

Zitao stared at you, shock evident all over his face. His mouth gaped open and closed, wanting to say something and defend you for what you were doing. Kevin gripped onto Zitao's shirt, shaking his head slowly and nodding in your direction, trying to communicate to Zitao that he should not interfere. Yixing grabbed onto the other side of Zitao's shirt, also holding him back, supporting your decision to take the fall.

If you could cover your ears, or better yet, let the ground swallow you whole, you would have done it. Receiving the biggest earful of your life was bad enough on your own, not with 12 boys and their teachers in the small studio to listen in and acknowledging your blunder. You could feel your face heat up dramatically.

But, you stood by your principles, letting yourself get a bollocking and covering up for Zitao, because it was the right thing to do.

"I'll deal with you later, but practice starts now, begin everyone." Finally she was over with the lecture until another time. Zitao gave you an eternally grateful look, feeling so pathetic for letting you into trouble, but you gave him back a reassuring smile and a nod.

And Zitao appreciated that moment forever.
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