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Disclaimer: Sorry for the day delay, I didn't mean to leave you hanging but I was arguing with what wanted to be written, I didn't want to write it. I'll just say, I won.
You can’t stand to wait in the apartment, it seems like the policeman is taking forever when each moment counts. You stand outside the doors pacing, praying that all of them are alive. Please God, let him be alive, you just found him, you can’t lose him. All of it suddenly hits you and you fall to your knees with your head in your hands. Uncontrollable sobs the only sound coming from you. You don’t care what looks you may be receiving as people pass; your whole world could be coming to an end.
Gentle hands grip your arms, “Mam.”
You raise your tear streaked face to that of a policeman.
“I assume you’re [YN]?”
All you can do is nod as he helps you to your feet, “If you’ll come with me, I’ll run you to the hospital. We can talk on the way.”
Once he gets you settled in the front seat he parts the crowd and comes around to slide in on his side. You had no idea so many people had gathered. For everyone staring at you, no one had bothered to ask if you were alright or even offered to help.
“You really should have waited inside.”
“Why? They don’t know me, no one even offered to help me. They only gathered when you pulled up, they probably think I’m drunk.”
He shakes his head as he pulls out and onto the road.
“You are a foreigner. Word has already leaked about the accident. Probably the minute the ambulance arrived at the hospital, some attention seeking worker called it in.”
You shake your head, trying to get your crying under control. “They don’t know me from anyone else.”
He laughs and then looks over apologetically. “Sorry, but I disagree. They’ve all seen this morning’s paper. The one with your picture; the one that questioned, if you were in a relationship with [HN]. Which, since I was told to come pick up his girlfriend, I would answer yes.”
You look over sharply at him but he takes one hand off the wheel and holds it up.
“You have nothing to worry about from us, we’re the good guys. Your relationship status only concerns us if it’s part of an investigation.”
You turn to face out the window. “Tell me what happened to them. [HN] is a very safe driver; I’ve ridden with him multiple times.”
He nods, “Yes we show that he was not at fault. It appears there are some fans that weren’t happy about the newspaper article this morning. They followed them and when they were on their way back, they ran them off the road.”
All the color drains from your face and your look of horror is evident.
He nods, “He’s told you about anti-fans? It’s quite scary how they love them one second and try to kill them the next. I wouldn’t want the life of an idol for those reasons alone.”
He clears his throat and continues, “The car flipped several times on a decline and ended up head on into a tree. There were those that saw the whole thing and stopped to help them. They owe them their lives, it could have been much worse. The witnesses were also able to supply use with a car make and license plate number. We have a bulletin out on it now.”
As he pulls up to the emergency room, he pulls his jacket over your head, “Don’t look up until I say”.
You nod as he leads you through the crowd of fans and reporters that have gathered at the hospital waiting for information. Shouts and camera flashes go off the minute they see you. You shrink closer to the officer and he shields you tighter against his body. Past the double doors he uncovers you and you quickly look around.
“Where are they?”
You turn back to him for answers and he heads off to find out what he can. You pace for what seems like forever, which was probably only minutes; you sink down to the floor in exhaustion. They police officer returns and again assists you to your feet.
“Right now the only one you’re allowed to see is the female. She’s in stable condition; they are still working on the men.”
You stop in the middle of the hall and look up at him, “What does that mean?”
Hysterics are beginning to come back and he tries to quickly quiet them.
“I don’t know, I’ve asked a doctor to come to her room and fill you all in. Hopefully one will be available shortly. If they aren’t don’t freak out, its better that they work on them, doing their jobs, then out here talking to you. Right?”
You nod numbly and follow him into a tiny room off the ER. There are three different couples standing around and Eun laying in bed with her arm and leg in a cast. She’s staring off into space and everyone is talking around her, no one to her.
“Eun!” you cry out and run over to the bed to wrap her in your arms. The two of you cling to each other, tears flowing freely from both.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
You try to hush her, “No. It’s not your fault. Shh, shh, they’ll be fine. They have to be. We have to believe that.”
You look her in the eyes and smooth her hair back from her face. “We have to believe, there’s no alternative okay?”
She nods and tissues are handed to the two of you. You look up and around at all the people that are filling the room. No one has said anything to you still, but they all seem interested and a bit icy. You don’t care.
The only thing that matters right now is [HN] and Jaewoon and that they come back to you and Eun.
okay I've decided that this is a nightmare that she's having just like in Revelry where the main character dreamed a happy ending and turns out we had to go through a 2nd installment to find our happiness. yup this is a dream before we get to our happiness. I'm in denial until the next installment okay?😂😂😂
why are you doing this to me why 😢😭😭😭 I really hope they survive and that there's no amnesia twist or for H/N to confuse the other girl for Y/N
*reads intro pic* nope I hate it.. I don't even wanna read this.. I'm so scared.. my babies.. my heart... I'm already crying and I haven't even read the first sentence yet.
please bring them back safe! 😢😢😢😢
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