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Does Donald Trump just become anime in this video???

*please note before watching that this video is SATIRE*
I love this video so much. So Donald trump becomes world president but is actually a transformer and he wants to build a wall so he can fly into space and blow up the whole world.... This seems a little counterproductive to me...but is it only natural that if he were in an anime, he would be the person trying to blindly take over the world? Isn't that what he's doing in our world anyways?????
(Not that it matters because you can support whoever you want, but please note that Trump BLOWS UP THE ENTIRE PLANET IN THIS VIDEO. THATS NOT GOOD).
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Omg I am so dumbfounded by this video......lol trump for world president?????? I don't have a particular interest in the man but I did feel a bit creeped out and disgusted....no offense to trump fans
@YumiMiyazaki Bahahaha you should do it. I miss having personalized ringtones.
I do not trust in Americans but I trust in God so I am still hoping he doesn't win
That was adorable and yet somehow made Trump seem scarier than he already is. XD (That guy + the White House is just not a good combo...)
As soon as he blew up Earth I just thought 'well that escalated quickly'...