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My Boyfriend & I Are Having a Friendversary!

Yes, we're two hamburgers. Well I'm a veggie burger but yeah...

((limited stickers on my online editor HAHA))
(I did not make this image lol, the magic of Google!)

Do you and your friends celebrate friendversaries?

My best friend and I met in...August 2012? Closing in on 4 happy years LOL!

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Me and my best friend have been friends for 7 years , this year it'll be 8 years ;') I feel blessed for been able to meet that dork lol 馃槍馃挒
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I'm going for the 5th year and a half anniversary. Our tradition is to bring a Nerf gun and each others worst cake flavor. The Nerf gun to shoot each other for fun, and the cake to throw each other's cake on the face. And no gifts, we don't need to proof each other of being worthy to be our friend. :)
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hate to burst your veggie bubble, but those veggie burgers have meat in them. yes meat from an animal, look it up.
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@BenGiddens uh ?? haha
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