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As promised... here's our dream cast if Sekaiichi Hatsukoi will have a live action. Please do note that we chose Japanese actors because well... why not? We don't know a lot so we did a lot of research and based our choices on their actual resemblance to the character or their "feel". If you think there are some better options, please share them nicely. :) P.S. Please check out our Junjou Romantica Dream Cast,too. FOUND HERE: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1634241?asrc=copylink
Hiroshi Tamaki as Takano Masamune We are actually happy casting him as the main seme because he looks hot af (which if you follow my posts about him is how I usually describe Takano). He got the shape of the face and the overall expression. I'm fangirling right here.
Tatsunari Kimura as Onodera Ritsu Can I just say that he looks perfect for the role??? He has that Onodera tsundere-ish feel. And argh! The photo with the scarf! <3
Sota Fukushi as Hatori Yoshiyuki Okay. He might look too cute for Tori but he already got that serious and smiley Tori look in him. The more I keep looking at him, the more I see Hatori.
Shohei Miura as Yoshino Chiaki He looks innocent and cute at the same time! Perfect for Chiaki's look and personality. Oh, and Miura and Sota looks good together!
Akinishi Jin as Yukina Kou Yukina always feels like someone beautiful and handsome. And when you describe someone like that.... who can beat Jin Akanishi? No one.
Haruma Miura as Shouta Kisa This guy only makes me go "awwww". Seriously, he is too cute. And that makes him the perfect Chiaki with his boyish charm.
Dean Fujioka as Kirishima Zen Kirishima is swoon-worthy. He's a good kisser, he's smart and sarcastic and he can break down Yokozawa's harsh mien. Dean is just dreamy. And he has Kirishima's smirk.
Aoi Nakamura as Yokozawa Takafumi This one is a bit hard bec. we need someone who can uke Takano (who is hot af) but not outseme Kirishima (who is just dreamy af). And we think he's the right balance. Besides he's hot too.
There you have it. You can comment if you agree or not with our dream cast. BTW. We still haven't found anyone for Isaka and Asahina bec. they are like the hardest pairing to create. :( so it would be great if you can suggest anyone. :) Be sure to check out our Junjou Romantica Dream Cast too.
I want this cast, its amazing! I love all of them!! I totally agree with all of them!
@CandyApple22 Yasss! Totally! We spent a good 5 hours deciding on them. Glad you enjoyed them. Check out our Junjou cast too. :)
YES YES and HELL YES OMG All my favs!
@merryjayne13 glad you liked our dreamcast!! woohoo! check out junjou too.😘