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Hey guys! Today's theme is "Older Girl Groups", so I will be writing about one of the only girl groups I listen to. They go by the name "As One" (애즈원). They are a R&B duo that consists of Korean-American singers Lee Min-Young (better known as Lee Min), and Chae Da Hee (better known as Crystal). I'm not sure exactly when they debuted, since they released their first song "Only You Wouldn't Know" (너만은 모르길) with Rock Records back in 1999 (the year I was born) but they signed with their current record label "Brand New Music" later that year after their contract with Rock Records expired.
Cha Da Hee (채다희) or Crystal is from Los Angeles, California. She attended Chatsworth High School, and on September 16, 2012, she married her former manager Cho Min Chul after dating for ten years. On October 18 the next year, she announced that she was five months pregnant, and in March her agency confirmed that she gave birth to her first child, her son.
Lee Min Young (이민영) was born in Seoul, South Korean, but she attended high school in Los Angeles at Fairfax High School. On November 29, 2013, she married her boyfriend, who she dated for two years, in Hawaii. Min Young composed and co-wrote the lyrics for the song titled "2=1" from As One's album "Simply As One" for her husband.
They're one of my favorite older groups that I listen to. What do you guys think? Have you guys ever heard of "As One" before? Let me know in the comments below!
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I love As One.. one of the first kpop group I got into as a teen 💜