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On June 12, 2016, a mass shooting took place in an Orlando, Florida nightclub called Pulse; a gay nightclub to be more specific. 49 people died and 53 wounded. Omar Mateen, the shooter, managed to enter the building with a semi-automatic rifle and a glock, and shoot the place up, taking out as many people as he could. Investigation is still underway with the mass shooting.
On June 13, 2016, I attended a peace rally and candle vigil (unfortunately, the fire department said it was a fire hazard to light the candles, especially since we were under a bunch of trees and it was in front of City Hall).
Sadly I got there a little late, because the train was running late (stupid train). But speeches were given, the names of those who passed were read, and we sang together. Everything was so touching, I nearly cried. My heart is with those of the LGBTQ community and the families of those in Orlando. (That's me and one of my best friends who came with me).
One of the hardest things to deal with are the Christians who oppose the LGBTQ community and their rights. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a Christian myself, but what people are doing isn't right in my opinion. Why is it so hard to understand that they are people who just want to be themselves. Their true selves. How can society advertise "be yourself" when they continuously get road blocked every time. At my church, we fully support LGBTQ, and those who didn't left the church; we even have a support group we call "the Open Door". LGBTQ community and straight-allies attend to hear the stories of LGBTQ members and to help straight-allies and their families better understand and help their loved ones.
Can you imagine how people feel right now? Maybe many of you can. Afraid to leave your homes. Afraid of your friends. Colleagues. Even your own family? Isn't home and your family be the one place of trust and security? Living in this world for the measly seventeen years of my life, I actually can believe that this is the world we live in. If some of you are having trouble empathizing or understanding, why don't I use an analogy. How many of you love the X-Men? I DO! MY FAVORITE BAND OF SUPERHEROES AND VILLAINS! Ok, back on track. Isn't it funny how their situation is similar to our own? Without the super powers that is. Mutants live in fear of humans because they're different (I really don't understand why people with powers are considered "freaks" because I'm pretty sure we ALL want super powers). They seek out Charles Xavier because he is their new home because their families don't accept them anymore. Society doesn't accept them anymore. So what exactly do people propose they do? Well at first they wanted to exploit them. EHHHH. WRONG ANSWER. TRY AGAIN. So then they wanted to "cure" them. LOOK HOW WELL THAT TURNED OUT. YOU KILLED JEAN! All I'm saying here is, why can't we just accept them? Why can't we just love them? Care for them? Show them compassion? Empathize with them?
Even G-Dragon supports LGBTQ. Well it's speculated, but it's very obvious. Sadly, he was getting a lot of hateful comments about his #prayfororlando vid he posted the day after it happened, but he posted other photos that indirectly implied his support and love. Bless you G-Dragon!
I love the "Hate Less" pic btw. It's so beautiful. He commented, "More Love". For the third photo, he commented rainbow hearts.

With everything that's happening as of late:

-what kind of questions do you have about LGBTQ (I'd be happy to answer any questions :) )

-how long have you been aware of LGBTQ?

-do you know anyone who is LGBTQ?

-where do you stand?

-why do you care/not care?

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