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Just discovered this song and I really like it actually! Ive been watching and listening to a lot of Monsta X the past couple days...cuz I suddenly became their fan though ive been listening to Trespass and Hero since they came out, All In got me legit hooked and now im a fan. So I discovered I.Ms mixtape today and Im pretty impressed I have to say!
Heres a lyrics video! I really really enjoy the beat and feel of the song. I also like I.Ms rap style. So of course then i looked uo the lyrics and I was SOLD ❤ "Was I born for myself or for success?" "There's one thing I'm still confused about and that's my motivation" these are couple lines that stuck out to me immediately, but if i wrote down all the ones that did, id right down like half of the song! ^^ Idk if its just me, but I relate to the lyrics so it really speaks to me. omg this is why i love music so much ❤ Also...i think this just confirmed I am I.M bias. Although Kihyun and Wonho are close after still. Anyways, yeah. I really like this song. I kind of want to choreograph it... but idk if I coukd choreograph it to match the style well enough~ hmm ill have to think about it! taglist! @Kpopandkimchi @ARMYstarlight @MichelleIbarra @Morganelisabeth @belencitagarcia @baileykayleen @jiyongleo @chelseajay @madandrea @stevieq @kpossible4250 @Vkookie47 @amobigbang @sarahdarwish @sugafree @tracylynnn @Bekikunstman @sharayahtodd @chaerica @prettieeEm @xergaB20 @ilennrocks @tigerlily84 @kpopgaby @keziahwright @creetheotaku @tayunnie @ashleykpop @sarahvandorn @mandynoona @drummergirl691 @katierussell @emilypeacock @sugaontop @thepinkprincess @jinsprincess86 @nell03 @moonchild03 @stephanieduong @aubriepope @hajelf @rainac3 @kchavens09 @saraortiz2002 @taetaebaozi @jojojordy2324 @agentleo @sosoaloraine23 @lexxcisco @emilygardner @lashonda0917 @kwellnitz @nancyvongvilay @annahizaragoza @anniechang1545 @ninjamidori @nenegrint14 @morleecorielus @mrsbangyongguk @edwey66 @amberg171997 @deefran @kyky97 @lolimbetter09 @lilmnm @veronicaartino @vipfreak2ne1 @christianliu @torchix @jungkookie1 @destinabyrd @emealia @jessAS @kellyoconner @itsmari @heidichiesa @cindystran @vixenvivi @aimeeh @kiki29 @roxy1903 @lizanightshade @saraortiz2002 @everiemisfit
Omg I remember when this song came out! I instantly fell in love with it and listen to it at least once every day. My days not complete without doing so lol I love I.M's voice, the lyrics really hit home and are very deep and mean a lot to me and just the song overall is absolutely amazing!! I wish it would get released as an actual song because I'd so buy it! 💖
YAAS!! Been a Monbebe since debut and omg I.M and Hyunwon are my biases!! 😄😍❤ I.M's mixtape is soo good!!