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Cherami Leigh

This girl is amazing!
Her voice is so cute and sweet. I just love it so much! All of the anime's ive watched were she voice acts is great. She fits every character she plays. Cherami is convincing when she is screaming and not unnatural unlike some voice actors that just annoy me.
Another thing about Cherami is that she played in a movie as the female lead in my favorite youtubers own movie. Shane Dawson and I got excited when I heard her talking in the introduction video with her. I was like "why does her voice sound so familiar" and then Shane says, "Oh yeah, Cherami is an anime voice actor". I started to scream because then I realized, Yeah she is! She voiced Asuna from SAO!
And thus a fan was born!!!

My Favorite Characters Cherami Voiced:

Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail
Ayano Kannagi - Kaze no Stigma
Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online
Patty Thompson - Soul Eater
I also included an interview with Cherami that shows her real personality and how cool she is!
My favorite character she ever voiced was definitely Lucy because it fits her so well. I can't imagine anyone else voicing Lucy in English Dub. I just love how she captures Lucy's character so perfectly.

Honorable Mention!

Moneca Stori
As Kagome Higurashi in my favorite anime Inuyasha!
I always loved Kagome's voice actor but they ended up changing it because Moneca quit is what I heard which is really unpsetting for me. She quit when there was only 26 episodes left. So, I had to listen to a squeaky voice (no offense) it just didn't sound the same at all and it really annoyed me. She fit Kagome so good and I was so sad when it changed. I was so used to Kagome's voice after watching 167 episodes and 4 movies! But, whatever is done is done...
Cherami Leigh was my pick for {WW}!
My favorite voice actor is Yuki Kaji who voices Kanato, Meliodas, Eren Yeager, Yukine and so many others 馃槏
I met her last weekend at A-con. she's really sweet. I dropped my phone in the autograph room while she was signing my poster and she actually got down and helped me look for it. that kinda shocked me.
because I live in Texas I've met her in person at the Dallas fan conviton she was so cool. but my favorite voice actress for funimation is Monica rial
@NinjaMouse omg!!! so cute;;;
@AdrianDean I know right! @hantam97 I just might...
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