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My Top Ten Favorite Animes!

Guess what today is? June 15! Which is my birthday!!! And since it's my birthday I've decided to change things up. Instead of a review, I'm going to do a top 10. I remember a while back during the 29 Days of Marvel that someone wondered what animes I liked (I think it was because I did my top 10 list of favorite movies) so I decided to share just that: these are my Top Ten Favorite Animes!
10. Case Closed Now "Case Closed". I love crime-dramas with interesting characters with a plot twist....this definitely fits archetype that. Story: Shinichi is a 17-year-old detective who gets in over his head when he follows 2 suspicious men. The men attempt to kill him by giving him a poison made by their private organization, but rather than kill him, it turns him into a child! He gets taken in by his best friend, Ran, whose father is a bad detective while the child-looking Shinichi goes under the name Conan and secretly helps solves Ran's father's cases without either of them knowing, all the while trying to get his body back to its old self and take down the organization which turns out to be bigger than he possibly ever could've imagined! I'm not gonna lie, I've only ever seen up to 270 something episodes and there's ALOT more! I started watching this about 5 years ago and when there wasn't anymore English sub content, I decided to wait until more came out. Weeks and weeks went by and there was still nothing, so I moved on to other anime a until it came out, unfortunately, I forgot all about "Cased Closed" by the time the subs came out and I am WAY behind. I will eventually catch up, but until then, I still love this series and from what I understand, it's still freakin going! Jesus Christ! I love the characters, the scenarios, the crimes and how they're enacted! I don't know if any of these crimes could actually hold up or if certain things would slide, but it's still really cool. My only con would be that this show still doesn't have an ending and I still haven't caught up yet so I really hope this wraps up soon. However, I still urge you guys to watch it.
9. Inuyasha I started this in high school and I loved it! Of course it took forever...for both the manga and the anime, but I managed. Story: 15-year-old Kagome ends up traveling back in time in the feudal era where she is chased by a power hungry demon after a jewel in Kagome's body. Kagome ends up awakening the half-demon, Inuyasha, who helps her vanquish the demon, but she also ends up shattering the jewel from her body and it spreads all over feudal Japan and now the duo must travel to find all the pieces! I love the fantasy and adventure mixed in with the historical elements! The characters are also interesting. The chemistry between Sango and Miroku! And of course, the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome is, of course, very strong and you yelling at the book (or screen, whichever you prefer) for them to kiss! Which btw, THANK YOU GOD for the anime! *spoilers* Because in the manga, they never fucking kiss!!! Not once!!! It was frustrating! I mean, come on! At least, in the anime summer finale they gave the fans what they've been wanting, a kiss from our beloved couple. Now I'm not gonna lie, where there's pros, cons come with it. Cons like Kagome being a whiney little bitch. Yeah she can be VERY annoying and selfish at times, but given the situation she's put in, I don't entirely blame her, plus Inuyasha pushes her buttons too often. He's a guy and guys tend to do dumb things. There's also that freaking Kikyo! I have a love-hate relationship with this character. There are times where I'm sympathetic, but most times where I want her to fucking die!!! This is Kagome's past life? What a bitch! Seriously. You just need to either read the manga or watch the series because I cannot begin to describe how I feel about Kikyo! Fucking Kikyo!
8.Sailor Moon/Crystal How can I not put this on my list? Another question may be "Why is this so low on my list?" Well, while this is nostalgic, Sailor Moon, while it holds a lot of love in my heart, there's still things I question about it. Story: (do I really have to?) Usagi was a normal girl until a talking cat named Luna comes to saying that she is a reincarnated warrior from the moon whose sole duty now is to fight Queen Beryl's minions, find the other Sailor Scouts, and save the Earth! Yatta yatta yatta! Who hasn't heard of Sailor Freakin Moon?! You'll notice that I've added the old and the new version of Sailor Moon because nth of them do very well. Both do something better than the other which kinda makes my pros and cons balance out a bit here. 1) In the original, Usagi is/was a crybaby and whiner. In Crystal, while she does complain, she's more optimistic and less pathetic...I know I'm sorry. 2) The transformation scene is better in the original version. Sorry folks but I don't see the need for the 3D imagery in the transformation in Crystal. It looks odd and sloppy to me. 3) Tuxedo Kamen actually does something in the Cyrsyal. Seriously, what the hell did he do in the original? He threw roses and whacked people with a cane! At least on Crystal, he shows off some better fighting moves, and doesn't just stand in the corner. He does more than throw a rose and leave. *throws a rose* "kay, slightly distracted him for ya, bye!" Aside from those, I do love Sailor Moon. It was and still is a show that changed the magical girl genre from girls who transformed to do menial tasks to girls who transformed to fight evil! It's a feminist show and anyone who says otherwise can shut it! It was created by Naoko Takeuchi who wanted to write a story about girl fighters in outer space. And boy did she succeed.
7. Soul Eater I am putting this in because I have yet to actually read the manga. Until I do read the manga, this still counts! The Story: The Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA for short) is a school for humans who possess the ability to become living weapons and humans who can weird those weapons called meisters to fight and protect the world from witches and monsters and all sorts of evils. The main character is Maka and her weapon Soul Eater who can become a scythe. They often team up with Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, and Death the Kid with his pair of guns Liz and Patti! The art design is so different in this anime and I love the colors. I also love the rock n' roll openings, they just get you pumped! Love this anime! I know it's only 1 season while the manga is longer and the ending is different, but like I said, I haven't read the manga yet so as of now, I'm satisfied.
6. Ouran High School Host Club This show is what I turn to on a rainy day. I go to this show whenever I'm upset because it will magically cheer me up. It cracks me up without trying. Vic Mignogna as Tamaki was perfect freaking casting!!! Story: Haruhi transfers to Ouran High School, a school very rich privileged kids but Haruhi managed to get a scholarship, making her the only "poor" student. Haruhi accidentally breaks a vase belonging to the Host club who pretty hold her hostage and make her their "servant" until Haruhi repays the debt. It isn't until the end of the 1st episode that they (mostly Tamaki) realize that Haruhi is a girl (due to her very short hair). They decide to keep this a secret from the school, make her a host, and have Haruhi continue to masquerade as a boy to repay her debt to them. The rest is utter hilarity. This is once again only 1 season with the manga holding so much more. I actually did get to meet Vic Mignogna at New York Comic Con once and he said that he LOVED Ouran and wished that there were more episodes. Start a petition, people!
5. Saint Tail An anime that basically no one has ever heard of lol. Well you should really look it up because it's an adorable magical girl anime. It's not Sailor Moon crime fighter, but it's not wimpy either. Story: Meimi is your typical 14-year-old girl by day, but by night she becomes Saint Tail a thief who steals items that were stolen from others and returns then to their rightful owners! But Meimi's classmate, Asuma Jr., is always trying to stop Saint Tail because "stealing is still stealing" and vows to catch her someday. It's 1 season 43 episodes...and ived rewatched this series like 10 times....I have a problem. It's adorable yet suspenseful and wonderful and it pulls at your heartstrings! It does have an English dub but only for 15 episodes so I suggest you just watch the subs. They're on YouTube somewhere. I highly recommend it.
4. Fairy Tail Who on Vingle hasn't talked about Fairy Tail? It's everywhere! It's a trending anime that won't leave you alone! It's like Frozen: so freaking popular, that it pops up no matter where you are! Story: Lucy Heartfilia runs away from home to train herself as a celestial mage when she runs into some trouble. Luckily, Natsu Dragneel, a fire dragonslayer mage helps her out of it. She learns that he's in the famous magic guild, Fairy Tail, where she is welcomed with open arms and embarks on guild missions and adventures! Who could possibly hate this anime? It's kinda hard to. The characters are enjoyable, the art is great, the scale and length of the animation are amazing, I just love it. It's an ongoing series and I am still keeping up, but so far I'm loving it. This is actually one of the rare cases where I've read the manga before the anime even came out, but I caught up to the English dub of the manga (this was a years ago people, I was still in high school) so much like I did with Case Closed, I forgot all about it with all the waiting. But I'm so glad that the anime came out and now that I'm graduated from college, I have more time to catch up with it!
3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood How do I not put this in my top 3? It's fucking FMA!! Story: (again do I really have to?) Edward and Alphonse Elric pay the ultimate price for their insolence in their practice in a forbidden alchemical practice where Edward loses his right arm while Alphonse loses his whole body (Ed binds Al's soul to a suit of armor in order not to lose him, losing his left leg in the process). Now they're off on a journey to reclaim their bodies while also uncovering something a much darker secret, something they must stop before it's too late! I saw the posters for it and it looked interesting, but a friend gave me a really bad summary of it so I wasn't very interested in it. Then my boyfriend made me watch it 2 years ago and I fell in love with it. I was totally obsessed with it! I love this show. I loved it so much that I started reading the manga! Yeah. I haven't read manga in a long time, and it made me go online and read it. That's how good it was, because I wanted to compare it. Now I understand that others may prefer the original 2009 version and I did try to watch it...but because my boyfriend made me watch this first, I just don't have an appreciation for it. So my vote is for brotherhood. Plus, it has a kinder ending.
2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Yes, this is my #2! This anime may sound and seem cute and fluffy like all magical girl genres...but then you get to episode 3 and shit gets real. Story: Madoka is a shy and kind girl who, along with her best friend, Sayaka, meet Kyubey, a cat-like being who will turn them into magical girls if that make a wish from him. They also meet Mami, a veteran magical girl who encourages them to make their wishes and Homura, who opposes them to make sure that they don't. I will NOT spoil ANYTHING from this series. It's something you need to watch for yourself. The best way to describe Madoka Magica is a deconstruction and reconstruction of the magical girl genre. *cricket* *cricket* Allow me to explain. Deconstruction is when you take a part something to find its key components, what makes it tick. For a magical genre: bright-eyed girl, magical talking animal, said animal gives her an item that allows her to transform and use magic, girl uses powers to defend evil and usually the most powerful out of a group of 3 or 5. Once the key components are found, we "reconstruct" meaning rebuild the genre back up, but we place it in a real world setting. And in the real world there are consequences, nothing is free. If you didn't learn that lesson from FMA, Madoka Magica will set you straight.
Before I announce my #1 Favorite..... some honorable mentions. These I would've liked to have put on, but I just couldn't. I really like these animes, but I love the above more. Attack on Titan- too much left unsaid. I need to know more about the plot. Petite Princess Yucie -it's good, but it's still pretty "meh" if you catch my drift. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne- not as good as the manga, especially the ending. A lot was left out. Snow White with the White Hair- It's pretty slow-paced and I'd like to see a little more excitement. Blue Exorcist- why couldn't there be more than 1 season? The manga's just better.
1. Princess Tutu Now you may be wondering "huh, I've never heard of this anime." Not many people have. It's not very mainstream, but it's my #1 favorite anime of all time because, to me, it's the original Madoka Magica. While Madoka Magica is definitely far more perfected, Princess Tutu takes its time and develops it's characters a bit more carefully. Story: Ahiru is a clumsy ballet student who, like all the other girls, has a crush on the emotionless male ballet dancer in the advanced class, Mytho. Through the mysterious Drosselmeyer, Ahiru discovers that Mytho was a price from a story who shattered his heart to prevent the villain from succeeding. She becomes Princess Tutu to collect his scattered heart shards just so she can see him smile, but she also discovers a whole other chapter to the story that's yet to be finished. It's dark people. You think from the title, that it's a cute show with a cute character...and it kinda is, you fall in love with Ahiru and all of the characters, but man when shit hits the ceiling, you're like "HOLY SHIT!!!!" It's 2 seasons and 26 episodes of beauty! I highly recommend it. This is truly one of my favorite animes of all time and I'm honored to have seen this unknown anime and hope to have shed some light on it.
And those are my Top Ten Favorite Animes! What should review and what other top tens should I do? Leave me a comment to let me know! Also tell me what your top 10 favorite animes are!
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Omg I love a lot of these
@AllieGrabowski finally!!! A fellow Tutu fan!!!! @KurosakiJess definitely plan to! I keep putting it off, but I most definitely will! @TehDL if you like Madoka Magica, you'll definitely like Princess Tutu. Granted the darker stuff is more in season 2, but season 1 is still crucial, plus it gets you to bond with the characters so when you get to season 2 you feel really bad for what's to come lol
I wanna watch Case Closed but so many freaking episodes!!
@BobbiBlackcat same here
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