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For Mobile Games

(the Games are Love Live! School Idol Project and Disney Tsum Tsum) how many of you play a game that you get to pick the level difficulty you are able to pick, or you were to add any bonuses? (and yes those are my states lol) -- for me I normally go for the Hard Level songs because when it comes to those games I pick up the beat really quick -- for the other one I normally pick 5>4 and +Time when I play Disney Tsum Tsum

and for those who play Computer games or Game console

Do you Solo a Battle or Not Solo?

(game: Wizard101 *not my characters*) --for me I normally solo battles. Depends on a battle of how strong the Monster is and how many there are. Plus I like to Give a Battle a try before I admit defeat and ask for help later.
So what do you Normally Do when you Play games like these?
multiplayer is typically more fun, but can easily become annoying when dealing with incompetent players
I primarily play console. But I have a few on my phone
i dont mind console or cell phone just as long as there are good graphics and good plot i just found "phantom of the kill" on my galaxy and so far its pretty good
@nicocoup that is true...I usually get paired with those kind of players
I prefer the pc by far. you get what you pay for. mostly playing fast twitch Overwatch right now.
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