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The "Which one is Hikaru" Game!

If you're a huge fan of Ouran High School Host Club like me then you would know which one of them is Hikaru
What I would like to start doing is to start making a "Guess that Anime Character" Game, Where you get to guess your Favorite Character from Any Anime Show or Game you absolutely love. I'm hoping some of my Who's that Pokemon players can get into this too!
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Plz let me know if you want me to keep on tagging you in any of these
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sure thing! @hikaymm I do plan on Making a lot of Love Live ones lol
2 years agoReply
I think hikaru is the one on the left, if I am remembering the episode right
a year agoReply
Hikaru is on the left I remember because of the way they do there hair
a year agoReply
can you tag me too? fav admin
a year agoReply
sure not a pro2 @AidanGiannattas
a year agoReply