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Remember when one took the Kpop Bootcamp challenge and got TOTALLY made over?

(you can check it out here)

Well, he's kept the blonde hair and confidence and is now going to see how his girlfriend reacts to his music video.

Spoiler alert - he's now a BTS fan boy!

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you when he talked about watching bts over and over again and just getting addicted I was like yes!
@BabydollBre he was so passionate about save me lol!
@kpopandkimchi I know right that was hilarious. I feel his energy on that one cause I was the same.
How can you not fall for BTS if they transmit a lot of energy, passion and feelings thru their videos, let's not talk about the dances... He did a good job as a Kpop trainee for a week!!
oh my ghud!! I seriously love bts . 😍😍