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History Sleepover screenshot game results
@MrsKyungil It honestly took me a while to figure out how to play this game. But it was fun!
OK, so this is where it begins...
Well, he did invite me over
ooh now it's getting interesting
So he got past the awkward and shyness. How sweet.
How forward of you
That's definately fine with me
How did that happen?
He must be a great cuddler! Overall, I have no idea how I got mostly Yijeong.
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i think the pics arent being displayed saying "the orginal website doesnt allow them to be viewed on other sites" weird lol
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Ok I'll try uploading them again.
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yup yijeong loves ya lol yijeong's house, yijeong's rules
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He's not my bias but he is a cutie. Oh well.
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