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If you've been dying to unlock the mysteries behind EXO's new MVs, then you're in luck! On the June 15 airing of 'MV Bank Stardust 2', EXO gave detailed explanations of their newest MVs: "Monster" and "Lucky One". Baekhyun explained, "In "Lucky One", we brought back our superpower concept. Due to the lack of our superpowers, we get abducted by our enemies from another planet. It depicts the story of us suddenly retrieving our superpowers and escaping from the evil nurses wearing those sun caps while they experiment on us." As for "Monster", Baekhyun said, "There is a twist. The MV is about us turning into soldiers to fight those who threaten us. In the middle of the MV, I leave and appear as a traitor. I am the only one with no blood stains, which makes me look even more like a complete traitor, but ultimately, I find the secret escape route for the members. I am actually a double spy." Now are your questions about EXO's new MVs answered? Source: Allkpop
@ChaErica all we had to do was wait until they explained it for us unlike BTS and Monsta X
I keep getting distracted by Xiumin's look in the lucky one promo photos. Who would have thought that haircolor could look that good on anyone?!? I do wonder why so many kpop videos seem to choose dystopian themes.
@sherrysahar they didn't really explain it that well though. They explained Minhyuk's, Shownu's, and Hyungwon's character and that the thing at the end was a heart. And then during the mpd mv commentary Wonho told everyone to not explain at all so that we're all left confused so then they just said stuff like the item in the bag that Jooheon gave Shownu was a gun and that even those two didn't know what it was until they opened it up.
@MaeLyn monstax minhyuk explained all in mv and answered many questions in their asc episode thgh make sure to watch that lol 👌😉
....not as in depth as I thought it was....I over thought it.