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To those who give up on Noblesse because of the art or length: DON'T! The art gets much better and the length just means there's more Rai and Frankenstein to go around
The new and improved art
I'm still reading and honestly my lifeis now complete with all these characters in the webtoon
@Riethu I actually did get into it and love it. But the first time I read Noblesse I gave up before anyone talked and I know others have as well. Its not an intro that grabs newcomers, which is sad cause it does get really good.
@BobbiBlackcat Rai is the quiet sexy. Wait till more of the loud characters come in (and there are a lot) and more background is given, it gets much better. The art isn't the worst, but I feel there is a definite improvement in season 2.
@AdrianDean there is an anime adaptation of it, although it could be better to express the awesomeness of Noblesse
Is the starting Noblesse art bad? I though it was ok. Honestly the beginning kills it though. A lot of pages with no dialogue and Rai just wandering around without context.
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