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Foreign Flower~ Dae-Sung's Petal in Bloom

Hello and welcome! I accidentally published this card without an intro Aishh, I knew I was forgetting something. Anyways, welcome back from the dramatic cliff hanger from the previous chapter! ;) I hope you're prepared for what's to come! ;) Please enjoy! *bows*
Chapter 6~ Your fingers coil around the cool metallic knob, you blow out the frustration that had built up during the rest of the day and try to rid your mind of every bitter thought that had popped up and lingered. You turn the knob and push the door in, walking into the apartment and gently closing it behind you. Your eyes wonder across the room, instantly focusing on a couple of suitcases leaning against the hallway wall. A desolated shiver runs down your body, making an unorthodox emotion blossom in the pit of your stomach, despite knowing too well what you had signed up for the moment you returned his confession. “Hello again.” Your face shoots up, observing Dae-Sung step out of his room and inch closer to you with a warm, welcoming smile. You force your brain to pull back the muscles in your back as Dae-Sung wraps his arms around you for a tight embrace and plants a tender kiss on your hair. Your body stiffens with his immediate affection, causing a new wave of indignant thoughts to crash against your skull. Dae-Sung pulls back, noticing your reaction. His hands rest on your shoulders as he dips his head down and sighs heavily, then lifts his head and manages to produce a half smile for you, crushing your insides with guilt for being angry. “Please don't be upset with me.” You blink twice, taken aback by the gentleness in his voice. “I promise I-” “Why d-didn't you-u tell me?” You press your lips into a thin line and clear your throat after realizing how steady it had become. He moves his hands from your shoulders and cups your face, “I completely forgot.” “Forgot to tell me you had to leave?” Your voice softened into a breathless whisper throughout your sentence, making you notice the tears that had begun to line up against the rim of your eyes. He shrugged his shoulders, “My focus was elsewhere.... somewhere with,” he leaned in and kissed your forehead. “With you as a distraction.” You pull back and blink back your tears. “Still. A 'yo, heads up,' would have been nice.” He chuckles and brings you in once more for a tight hug, “What's making you so upset, sweetie?” You hug him back, burying your face into his neck to fill yourself with his sweet scent while you still had a chance. “I didn't think you'd leave so soon is all.” You mutter into his shirt. He chuckles once more, making the vibration of his chest swiftly eliminate every pessimistic feeling in your body. “It's only for a couple of weeks while we promote in Japan. Wait for me in the meantime, sweetie.” He loosens his hold around you and rubs your back gently. “You know I'm going to be texting you every waking second that I'm able to, so it'll be like I'm here.” You sigh, remembering that the person who held you was an admired idol who had been kept under busy scheduling for a large portion of his life. “Okay, oppa.” His hands up to your face once more and pulls you back to kiss away the few tears that had peaked out of the corner of your eyes then skims his nose down your own and presses his lips against yours for a soft kiss. “I convinced the other members to let me leave in the morning, that way I can spend one more night having you in my arms without it all seeming like a dream to the both of us.” You smile against lips. “An angel that thinks of the smallest details, thank you oppa.” He grins for a second before leaning in to kiss you again. The evening proceeds to watching Dae-Sung cook gyoza for dinner, sharing many laughs as he told you the kind of threats he received from the members after he had told them that he had feelings for you. You counter with telling him the types of threats your best friend would give you during her stay with you. His eyes smiled throughout the entire night while your cheeks had begun to ache from the permanent smile that had decided to occupy on your face. You washed dishes, he dried them and put them away, all way dancing around the kitchen and showing you his interpretation of manly dancing which involved plenty of hip thrusts and body rolls. After dinner, you both lounge around the living room, paying no attention to the television as Dae-Sung had decided to take advantage of the opportunity and try to serenade you with his growing English vocabulary. You cover your mouth and release a faint yawn. “You're tired?” Dae-Sung asks with a grin on his face. You shake your head. “No, just a simple yaw-” “Aigoo!” Dae-Sung shoots up and pulls you up to your feet. “If you're tired, then let's go to bed.” Dae-Sung reaches for the television controller and shuts it off, then guides you out of the living room, switching off the lights along the way. You follow closely behind, raising an eyebrow the moment he turned towards his bedroom instead of taking you to yours. He turns back around to you and chuckles. “Go change into your pajamas, I'll be waiting for you here.” Without hesitation, you march further down the hallway and into your room, grabbing the first pair of shorts and t-shirt you could find and changing quickly into them. <<Wait- doesn't Dae-Sung sleep naked.....?>> You freeze at the thought of a naked Dae-Sung waiting for you to return. You swallow hard and take a couple of deep breathers before leaving your room and heading straight into his. You poke your head in through the doorway and spot him sitting on the bed with his back turned to you, shirtless but wearing pajama pants. You step inside, making Dae-Sung jumps up and turn to you with a smile that made your heart begin to pulsate in an irregular pattern. Your eyes mindlessly look down, taking in every detail of his curved structure as if observing art for the first time. Dae-Sung laughs. “What is it?” Your cheeks flush with color, “I thought you slept naked....” A malicious look takes over his face as he walks around the bed and gets closer to you, “Whoever told you that knows way too much about me and my habits.” Your eyes widen, “What?” His hands move to the hem of his pants, “Do you want me to take my pants of-” “No!” You lunge at him, knocking him down onto the bed with you falling on top. He laughs, winding his arms around you to roll you both on your sides, “I'm kidding. I do sleep naked but I'm not going to strip down before going on an official date.” You bury your face into the bed to hide your embarrassment. “Thank you oppa.” He laughs again and pulls your chin back up towards him with a single finger, then holds you in place as he leans in to kiss you. Your breath gets sucked away by the intensity of the kiss. You slip your arms around his neck as you respond to his hunger. Dae-Sung slides his hand down to the small of your back, holding you steady against his body. You twine your hands into his hair, releasing a small gasp at the soft locks in between your fingers. Dae-Sung takes advantage of your vulnerability to skim his tongue against your lip to coax it further open. His cool taste in your mouth makes your body tremble in pleasure. You slide a hand from his hair, taking your time to slowly drag your fingers down his defined shoulders and across his chest, feeling your entire hand burn against the warmth of his skin. He strokes your tongue gently, causing a muted moan to emerge from your throat. Dae-Sung pulls back gradually. You open your eyes and see his own eyes burning with a sensation you've never seen from him. He smirks, producing a bright blush once more in your cheeks once your brain fully grasped what had taken place. “That was, um.... wonderful.” His smirk remains constant. You lick your lips and glance away, “mmhmm.” He chuckles, stretching his neck to kiss your forehead, “I couldn't help it, sweetie. I love you so.” You smile in response to the kindness in his voice. “I love you too oppa.” He wraps his arms around you tightly and pulls you both up on the bed so your heads rest on the pillow. “Turn around,” he whispers. You turn around as commanded then feel his arms pull you back into his chest. You feel his hot breath against the back of your neck. He kisses your shoulder gently then sighs, relaxing his body against yours. “You'll wait for me, right sweetie?” “Of course oppa.” He tightens his grip around you and leans his head against your neck. The gradual change of his breathing syncs in with your own, allowing your mind to drift into slumber.
Your body shivers, tearing you away from the dreamworld and into reality. You rub your eyes to adjust them to the lighting in the room then stretch your body. You smile, remembering the events that took place the night before and turn your head, immediately feeling your heart sink when you saw the empty spot beside you. You sit up and yank the blankets off, then rush out of the room and into the living room. “Oppa?” you call out but receive no response. You hurry back into your own room and grab your phone, unlocking it to see a text message from Dae-Sung a few hours earlier. “My flight left early so I had to leave without saying goodbye. I hope you were able to feel the kiss I left on your cheek before I parted, it made you smile so I took a picture, kekeke. Text you when I'm on break with the hyungs.” You stare the screen and pull your hand up to touch both of your cheeks, frowning when you fail to detect which one had received the goodbye kiss from Dae-Sung. You let out a heavy sigh. <<Guess I'm on my own again.>> You toss your phone on the bed and drag your body to the bathroom to shower. The first few days go by slowly. You become sick with the routine of going to work where there was barely nothing to do, and coming home to an empty apartment after having Dae-Sung to lighten to living space for the past few weeks. He texts you regularly, catching you up on the things he does, sending you kissing faces via Snapchat, and even calling you in the evenings before he calls it a day. In a way, you feel like he's still there, making you smile, making you laugh, producing color in your cheeks, but at the end of the day, you sleep in his room, cuddling with his pillow to fill yourself up of his sweet scent. Towards the end of the first week, you had adjusted to living alone once again. You step out of the elevator after a day lessons with the trainees and head towards the building exit. “Hey, come here!” The receptionist waves her hand for you to approach her as you get near. You stop by her desk. “What's up?” She leans in, “Do you have any relatives visiting you from out of the country?” You raise an eyebrow at the bizarre question, “No, why?” “Huh. Some guy came in and asked if the Foreign Flower worked here.” “What did you say?” You ask, lowering your voice to match hers. “I said I couldn't release that information so he just left.” “What did he look like?” You press on. She shrugs, “I didn't get a good look at him. He was wearing a hat and dark clothing from what I could tell. His voice sounded..... weird. I don't know how to explain it.” “Okay?” You scratch your head and stare at her. She grins, “Maybe it was just a fanboy since he used your stage name.” You smile, “Yeah, maybe. Thanks for letting me know.” She bows her head as you leave the building and head home. Your phone begins to ring the moment you close the door to Dae-Sung's apartment behind you. You pull out your phone to answer as you head into your room to change. “Are you home yet?” Dae-Sung's cheerful voice singed through the opposite line. “I just got home, why?” You smile brightly. “I'm off for the day, felt like having a romantic on over the phone date with you.” He laughs. “A date? Well what do you have in mind?” You set up your laptop in the living room and download the movie that Dae-Sung suggested so you could sync the movie as one and watch it while on the phone with him, giving the false illusion that he was there beside you. “Are you working this weekend?” His voice, low and gentle. You plop down on his bed and stretch your arms then turn to your side and grab his pillow to cuddle with it, “No, there really hasn't been much for me to do, why?” “I'd ask you to fly down to see me but my schedule is booked so I wouldn't have time to enjoy having you here with me.” You sigh, “It's okay. I understand you're busy. Just keep working hard and I'll continue being here for you.” He chuckles lightly, “I'll work hard so I don't disappoint you.” “Yaah, don't push yourself, just keep smiling and you'll do great.” “It's getting really late, I'll let you sleep sweetie.” You stick your tongue out to the blank ceiling. “Okay oppa. Rest well.” “I will.” The line cuts off. You roll to your back and drape an arm over your forehead, yawning loudly until your eyes shut and take you away to a well-known darkness.
The weekend drags on like you anticipated and with Dae-Sung checking in every so often, it only made the days feel longer. You return to work after lounging around in pajamas for the past 24 hours and settle down in your desk to a small stock of documents. <<I need to find a hobby soon, or else they'll think this is too easy for me.>> You gather the documents that have been completed and get up to take them to the CEO. You watch YG review the paperwork carefully then set them down and nod his head in approval. “You've been working hard lately, there's almost nothing to send you.” You dip your head, “I like to stay on top of things.” “That's good. Means I don't have to worry about you.” He turns to look at his assistant for a moment then glances back at you, “Take the rest of the day off.” You smile instantly and bow, “Thank you sir.” Then exit the office and enter yours to grab your things before setting off. On your way home, your phone buzzes with an incoming notification. You fish it out of your bag and unlock it, tapping on a text message from Seung-Ri. “Variety show premiere in 20min. Please watch, Dae-Sung hyung worked hard. :)” You grin. <<Perfect timing.>> You hurry home and quickly change and drop your stuff in your room then settle in the couch just as the opening credits began. <<Thank you panda!>> The show begins with all five members giving their thanks and talking about the upcoming album. You watch Dae-Sung's eyes smile and giggle every time he would laugh, remembering the countless time you would watch BigBang through the computer screen. “BigBang has taken a pretty long hiatus from their last release, what has everyone been doing during that period?” the MC spoke, leaning in to after putting down her cards. The members shift to Dae-Sung who begins to smile brightly and chuckle to himself. “Well, something wonderful happened to me.” The audience began to 'ooo.' Dae-Sung's begin to smile, “I now have a girlfriend.” The MC grins, “A girlfriend? Who's the lucky lady?” TOP begins to elbow Dae-Sung, making him chuckle again as color started to bloom in his cheeks. “Yeah hyung, who is it?” Seung-Ri probed. Ji-Yong and Tae-Yang exchange grinning faces. Dae-Sung clears his throat but continues smiling, “The beautiful, Foreign Flower.”
:O WUT?! ATTN:{Ladies and gentlemen, it saddens me to say that this is the episode before the finale of Dae-Sung's petal.... :c I completely lost track of where I was scheduling wise so I really should have given you the heads up in the previous episode so please forgive me! <3} So. What's going to happen? How will Dae-Sung's confession on national television effect your relationship? Is anybody still breathing after that makeout session!?! Guess we'll find out this and much more on Thursday for the finale of Dae-Sung's petal! :D Thank you for all your support thus far! See you all soon! *bows*
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OH SNAP, CRACKLE AND POPCORN!!!!! It can't be over!!!!!
@JoseCullen ~ Hints will be dropped throughout the petals until I reveal who the culprit is at the last petal :)
*heavy breathing* What a range of emotions this chapter had! That kiss though! Bless you, Dae. But who was that at the reception desk looking for her?!?! Suspicious...and aw!! He is so romantic telling the world but I don't know how smoothly this will go. *bites nails* Can't wait to see what awaits in the finale!
(Begins to cough) "Awkward..."
so I'm kinda slow because I'm so into your wonderful storys that I have not paid attention to the breakin on the foreign flower apartment would you ever reveal who's the culprit..? ps..I can't wait for the other 3 remaining storys!!
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