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This week's task, should we decide to accept it, ( of course we will, BAKA) is to choose our favorite voice actor and post a card. This was a simple one for me since I have such a thing for Tsundere & Moe.
Rin Kugimiya - Queen of the Tsunderes Not only is she the voice of the man with no body, Aphonse Elric, she is the voice of the most un-tsundere character, Happy from Fairy Tail. But he is in love a tsundere so... Also known as TsunRie, she has voiced the gold standards for tsundere characters and some very un-tsundere characters. Considering most people describe her as dere-dere IRL, it speaks volumes for her abilities. The fact she's so talented and beautiful lands her my top spot. For a list of her awesomeness check
Mai is the voice of my favorite Fairy Tail character, Miss Juvia. That is enough to earn her a spot on this list, but as the pic shows, there's much more to like about her.
Most everyone has heard Aya's voice as Lucy and loved it. Being super kawaii makes it that much nicer.
The First Lady of Moe is my final pick for this week's card. How can you not love someone that voices the most moe girls ever?
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