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Ch. 13
Yoongi’s POV
I couldn’t take it, the teasing makes out sessions, the playfulness, I wanted her badly, I desired her. Her body, her mind everything about her made me crazy. I kiss her passionately and she returns the kiss before I know it we are both stripping and getting naked. We’re fully unclothed now and her beautiful pale skin is pink from her circulation going into over drive because she was excited. I knew I had her.
I kiss her lips and slowly move down caressing her breasts and kissing the nipples and in between her breasts before moving down further. Once I reach my desired area, I lightly blow on it making her moan. I brush my fingers along her opening teasing her. I hear her moan my name and it makes me smile. I start to kiss her inner thighs before I start licking and fingering her. YN moans louder and arches her back I place my hand on her stomach and she grabs my head pushing it in so I can lick deeper.
“Oh Yoongi please I can’t take it anymore I need you inside of me.” She tries to speak between breaths and moaning. I move up to her mouth kissing her as I place myself inside of her, I moan as I push myself inside her slowly making sure she takes all of me in. Feeling her hot moist pussy tighten around my hard member makes me start to move in and out fast.
She wraps her legs around me, and she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me in for a kiss, I kiss her passionately and lovingly, her hands drop to the side I grab them placing them over her head and intertwine our fingers together as I thrust deeper into her. My mouth vibrates from her moaning as we kiss, I feel her hips move with mine we are in sync with each other. I break away from our kiss to look into her beautiful eyes.
“I love you.” I say in a deep husky voice. She smiles at me nodding her head.
“I love you too, Yoongi.” She says as she bites her lip at the end. I thrust harder and faster inside of her making her cry out as she climaxes and in return I climax with her. I slowly pull out and lay next to her, she holds me close and we fall asleep.
The next morning, I wake up before YN, I get up take a quick shower and start making breakfast. I’m standing over the stove making omurice. All of a sudden I feel hands wrap around my waist.
“Good morning.” YN whispers in my ear I smile.
“Good morning.” I reply back. I grab a plate and place an omelet on it, I turn around to hand it to YN, when I notice she’s wearing another one of my shirts.
“Feel comfortable in my clothes.” I ask and wink at her. YN just nods her head in response, taking the plate before sitting at the bar. She pours herself a glass of orange juice.
“So, what’s the plan today.” YN asks me.
“I have to work in the shop today. And your friend Jimin is coming to practice with you or at least discuss things about the festival with you.” I see YN roll her eyes. It makes me feel good that she would rather spend her time with me rather than with Jimin.
“I guess after breakfast I need to head back to my place.” YN groans. I have finished making my omelet and put it on a plate and sit next to YN.
“After we’re done I’ll come by the shop okay.” She says, I nod in response because my mouth is filled with food. “I’ll call beforehand though to let you know I’m on my way.”
“Okay. Are you done?” I ask, YN nods her head and gets up to move to the sink she starts the dishes while I finish up eating. I look over at the jar with the saved up money. “I need to buy a ring.” I think to myself.
“Dishes are done, and I’m going to head out okay. I love you.” YN says to me as she gives me a kiss. I pull her closer deepening the kiss. I didn’t want her to leave, let alone be by herself with Jimin. I don’t know why my jealousness is creeping its ugly head but it’s coming with a vengeance and I hope I can make it out alive.
I finally reached my house, glowing from last night’s stay with Yoongi. Then it hit me, he forgot to play the evening song. I hope this doesn’t become a habit, because he may not know this but it’s a very important tradition that needs to be kept. I’ll have to make sure to remind him later when I see him.
“AHHH!” I slept with Yoongi! I can’t believe it! How did this happen, oh forget how and why, it just did and my mood can’t be altered even with Jimin being around.
I’m interrupted by a knocking at my door, I look at my clock on my phone and it’s Jimin, he said he would be here at 9 a.m. He’s never late. I walk to the door and open it.
“Good morning YN, how are you this fine morning?” Jimin asks as he walks in without me inviting him in.
“I’m great, thanks.” I say quickly. We walk into the living room where the piano is.
“So, what songs do you have in mind?” I ask him, the faster I know the plan the faster I can get him out of my house and go to Yoongi.
“Here, this is the list.” Jimin hands me a piece of paper with a list of songs on it. I look at it and chuckle.
“Why are these all BTS songs? You a fanboy?” I ask. Jimin runs fingers through his hair and nods.
“Yeah you could say that’s part of it, also they’re good friends of mine.” My eyes shoot up from the paper in surprise.
“Seriously!” I’m trying to put it together when Jimin laughs at my response and nods his head.
“Let me know, Save me, House of cards, Butterfly, Rain.” I read the list out loud, I know all of these songs BTS is one of my favorite Kpop groups.
“Let’s go with Save me, Rain, and then some up tempo songs, we don’t want to depress the audience.” I explain.
“I was thinking of Let me know, save me, and Rain, and you can pick the last two.” Jimin said. Jimin was making sure that I had something in this to where I wouldn’t leave.
“Okay how about Mozart’s Turkish march, and Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2?” I suggest. Jimin not being too fond of classical music just shrugged his shoulders and agreed.
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