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Don't be afraid, Love is the way. Shawty, I got it. You can call me Monster! I'm creepin' in your heart babe! 1. The original plan was to have EXO-K have 7 members and EXO-M to have 5. 2. Baekhyun's bestfriend when in elementary school is gay and he is a owner of a famous restaurant in L.A. right now. 3. According to the members, Chanyeol is like a magnet. So, Anyone who is near him would get stuck to him. 4. Chanyeol and Kris originally became friends because they are both fans of 2NE1 and BigBang. 5. Tao sometimes forgets to bring a towel to shower and if there is no towels, He would run out NAKED. 6. Kai doesn't like Horror movies. When the members watch it together, He'll go to sleep. 7. Tao is like the cat type. He's slightly careful, stubborn and a thinker. 8. Chanyeol is a shopaholic. Even if they don't carry his size, He'll buy a smaller size for the members. 9. Luhan has a fear of heights. He once rode a ride with the members, At the end, he was pale and looked sick. 10. Whenever D.O. said that Kai is fair, Sehun will go stand besides Kai to show the difference. 11. There are 3 different Bubble Tea shops at Korea became popular because of Luhan and Sehun. {HUNHAN!} 12. Out of all original 12 members, Kris is the most the concern with his looks. 13. Tao once said, "If I have my Time Control Power, I want to use it when I see pretty ladies. So I can keep staring at her. 14. In EXO-K, Kai is the only who auditioned. The rest of EXO-K were street casted. 15. Xiumin went to the same high school with Infinite's Dongwoo. 16. Sehun really hates coffee. Like really hates it. 17. Kai really hates mushrooms. 18. Lay has a blood disorder. When someone gets a cut, Only a little amount of blood sheds. But for Lay it's worse. 19. Whenever Kai is scared, Sehun would laugh at him. 20. Chanyeol is the one who created the EXO's hexagon logo. 21. Xiumin is the only the member who does not have double eyelids. 22. Luhan loves to travel. 23. D.O. is an f(x) fanboy. 24. Luhan is a BIG germaphobe, He won't let no one sit on his bed. 25. Chanyeol is a fan of Dara. His older sister joked around that she ripped his Dara poster and he cried.
This is only 25 facts and there is many more I want to share! I hope everyone learned about EXO! MORE TO COME :D
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These are cute facts 馃槏 kyaa~
Ok I liked 2,4,15,20,23 and 25
@DeeNice Your welcome! Glad I could help 馃槂
@MrsJungHoseok Oh shit, that's pretty cool! I thought that's what #14 met but I was thinking no, they couldn't have just picked 12 random people from the street lol Thanks so much! 馃榾馃槃馃槶
@DeeNice #10 was basically when D.O. Would say he was fair.. Its actually D.O. Saying that Kai was tall and Sehun is taller than Kai.
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