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Got7 Memes #1 😂
"IT'S STILL AN ACCIDENT!" I shall use this excuse also!
I can't with Jackson XD Youngjae your perfect don't put yourself down! ❤
I shall make a new friend and introduce them to Got7 just so I could say "The retarded one is Jackson" XD JYP is Just Right! I'M SORRY AWFUL JOKE XD Which was your favorite? If you want be added to my taglist I make cards related to BTS VIXX Got7 EXO Boys Republic & Topp Dogg @adritha13 @GenevieveC @JackieG1617 @kennaxx @Kpopandkimchi @LinnyOk @MichelleIbarra @princessfranki @TaehyungV
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lmao this was so funny
a year ago·Reply
Tag please 😊😊
a year ago·Reply
Please Tag Me😄
a year ago·Reply
They were all so funny but that Yugyeom and Mark one killed me like what the heck lol
a year ago·Reply
Tag me please 😂😂
a year ago·Reply