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Fairy Tail

I finally finished the 1st series of Fairy Tail!! This is absolutely one anime you do not want to miss out on.  Fairy Tail had me hooked from beginning to end. I hope the 2nd series is as amazing as the 1st (probably will). Fairy Tail is hands down one of the best anime shows, in my opinion. It starts off looking rather childish, but I assure you it really does grow up. This show is constantly making me laugh and fall deeper in love with each of the characters. And at the same time, it is able to make me feel and sympathize with all the characters pain and emotions. I really do recommend this show to anyone.
I love Fairy Tail! I caught up to where they finished dubbed, and jumped to sub because I just couldn't wait! now if the manga would just hurry and update ....
it's really good, I recommend watching subbed though. I got hooked into the dubbed and now i can't re watch it, and it's taking funimation forever!!!!!!! to release the dub episodes, so watch it subbed so you can binge the whole series
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