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The thing that got me into KPOP was...
Well, actually it was a person. And that person happened to be...

Kevin Woo!

Yes, the Kevin Woo in U-Kiss, he was my first KPOP bias, but now, sadly I hardly keep up on him. I liked Kevin Woo at like first sight and then I heard him sing and I was crazy over him!! Then I got to see his personality (what he shows on TV) and he was just my all.
I started liking KPOP at the end of 2014, so I didn't really know GOT7 at the time and I only knew a few groups like VIXX and NU'Est. I didn't even know BIGBANG!! I knew zero girl groups and I was trying to figure out if Ren was a girl or not. But the first song I have ever listen to of KPOP happened to be a song Kevin's group sang....It was...


That was my song. I pretty much knew all the words and could do all the dance moves. But now, because I hardly listen to them anymore, I only know some of the dance moves and can't really sing the lyrics.
But yeah, that's the group (person) that got me into KPOP!!! Ask me any questions!!
for me it was wooyoung from 2pm but then I saw the new MV for u kiss and I'm like to my cousin who's that and then I fell in love with Kevin but I still have q lot of biases that I forgot and keep remembering at times
For me growl from exo got me into it all with Lay being my first bias, he's still my main bias in exo, not long after I discovered vixx and fell in love with Leo so fast it hurt, he's my perfect ideal type and I never knew there would be someone out there like him, it sucks that I find my ideal type and he's untouchable, but it gives me hope at least that maybe there's other guys just like him too, and I mean ideal in every way from personality right down to looks, it's not even funny how perfect he fit xD so he's my ultimate bias, and then from there the groups just kept growing to the point where I make it a thing to discover all the lesser known groups and get into them just like the well known ones too x3