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SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR~ Here is part 1! 26. While Xiumin is always the first to wake up, Luhan is last to wake up. 27. Luhan has said that Xiumin makes silly gestures and faces. 28. Chanyeol likes T.O.P. of BigBang because he thinks their voices are similar. 29. D.O. didn't tell anyone at his school that he was a trainee. 30. Kai is in his hottest state when he is sleepy. 31. Luhan's eyelashes are really long and thick. 32. Kai only dances in shower when he's in a good mood. 33. Kai once promised a fan that he'll marry her in the future. The fan was 4 years old. 34. Sehun likes and hates dogs at the same time. 35. Sehun thinks 'HunHan' is cute. 36. Xiumin believes In love at first sight. 37. Kai was voted 'Best Gamer' amongst the members. 38. Chanyeol's ideal woman is someone who likes to smile and is honest. 39. Chanyeol is the fastest member in all of EXO. 40. Chen likes hitting; His victims are usually Tao or Chanyeol. 41. It's obvious if Kris likes you. If he does then he'll bully you. If not, He'll ignore you. 42. Chen is attracted to girls who wear a simple outfit. 43. Baekhyun hates girls that nag because he himself nags too much. 44. HunHan share the same blood type, O. 45. Suho really listens D.O. 46. To Sehun, he doesn't about the age of his partner. 47. Chanyeol envies Sehun's hair. 48. D.O. wants to learn how to stop making his eyes pop out. 49. Luhan catches colds easily. He usually always has a million of tissues. 50. Chanyeol likes to make fun Baekhyun's height by calling him 'Baby Smurf'.
S uho * S.A.R.A.N.G.H.A.E. Baekhyun * Kris * Luhan * Jongin* Kyungsoo * Chanyeol * Lay * Sehun * Jongdae * Xiumin * Tao * Part 3 will come soon~~~ GEMINI SQUAD: @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @KatiePrihodiko @Anna5221
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I love what you did with the saranghae thing and their names at the end 馃槃
33 and 34 are so cute
This is so cool some of these didn't know but it's cool
I am Chanyeol's type
Never thought I would say this... but I would love to get bullied by Kris *wink wink*馃槀
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