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His kiss was intoxicating, the feeling of those firm lightly chapped lips made all the nerves in my body tingle. His warm tongue pulling mine into a slow and sensual dance made me moan in pleasure. This man is going to be the death of me. The way he could be firm and domineering yet gentle and kind made my world spin. He accepted me with all my flaws and I knew that I could never love a man any more than I loved him. The man known as Erwin Smith.
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@MaddyScoop it's Erwin and Levi
a year ago·Reply
@sasunaru68 Ahhh! No! Bad! LevEren is life!!!
a year ago·Reply
@MaddyScoop Sorry! I'm a fan of both!!!
a year ago·Reply
@sasunaru68 That's okay. I can respect that
a year ago·Reply
@MaddyScoop Thank you! Ereri is a win as well!!!
a year ago·Reply