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As of this week, the Pokémon universe has welcomed the addition of a brand new Poké-species.

The mongoose-like Yungoos has adorable, beady eyes, a slender body, and a long weasel tail. And might also be a dead-ringer for Donald Trump.
Yes, it seems that Yungoos has been taking some style notes from the Republican presidential candidate, as both boast an identically coiffed comb-over.
While, of course, this probably wasn't an intentional move, it still hasn't stopped Pokémon fans from taking to social media to draw comparisons to the two.
You can meet Donald - I mean, Yungoos - in the Alola region of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the latest entry of the game series, due to be released for Nintendo 3DS this fall.

But in the meantime, what do you guys think? Is Yungoos truly a dead-ringer for Donald Trump?

(And if so, which Pokémon would make a good Bernie?)

Yungoos: "Make Alola great again!" lol Go trump and Yungoos XD
@arnelli I will tell Yungoos to work on his impression.
@danidee hmmm looks like him but only trump can look like trump
It looks better than Trump
Yup. He totally looks like him. Donald Trump's stupidity and ignorance has already reached to every part of the world. Japan took the opportunity to make fun of him. Thank you Japan.😊 My only regret is that u didn't make him uglier. More...sludgy.
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