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Who's up for a bit of a challenge!?

Here's the challenge!!!

I got this idea from one of you :D

Big thanks to @redapple615!! I saw your card here about your 10 favorite anime, and realized I'd love to know EVERYONE'S favorites so I know who to talk to about what anime :)

Want to know everyone's favorites?

I made a new collection called "Vingle's Favorite Anime!" where I'm gonna start clipping all cards that people make about their favorite anime!!! Cool, right?? I feel like this will be a fun way to get recommendations from people who like anime similar to you!!

I challenge....

Challenge accepted!馃槇馃槀@hikaymm
I made one a while back, feel free to add it to that collection
@AshChrimson Up to you!! :D Otherwise I can just clip your other card if you link me too hehe
i already did a top 5 but if you want i can do a top 10
I'll give this a try
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