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Where is he in the Future?
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@Silver925 cuz in a dbz ova they turned into little kids I believe by the dragonballs like it happen to goku in gt. then trunks made Mai his gf. kinda preview ovas recently before akira toriyama decided to bring back dragon ball
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@doubleoshadow Mai was turned into a kid in Super in GT she was old in super goten already existed she was turned into a child after goten was born
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actually it was before super was even made or even announced. it was a dbz ova just like how when vegeta saw his brother tarble and every 1 was surprised he had a brother. I only made a reference to gt because the wish was similiar to the one pilaf made in gt . he wished they we're young again and that's how trunks saw her on the 1st boat party bulma before super or battle of the gods had and made her his gf. Never said anything about goten. look up the ova it's floating around on YouTube. @Silver925
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nvm my bad ova was actually battle of the gods I saw it's been too long since I watched it forgot that's where trunks first took interest in Mai. thought it was a separate ova
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I think he might be a fusion with some kind of evil kai or god, I have no proof. but really I want it to be a fusion so vegeta and goku have to fuse and we get Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta
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