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Where is he in the Future?
nvm my bad ova was actually battle of the gods I saw it's been too long since I watched it forgot that's where trunks first took interest in Mai. thought it was a separate ova
@doubleoshadow Mai was turned into a kid in Super in GT she was old in super goten already existed she was turned into a child after goten was born
@Ritu Ya but y is it that mai is young in the Future same age as trunks and u would he cut his hair??
@schaney125 Ya but that's a different time line now because Mai wasn't in the original future time line and trunks has different hair
I think he might be a fusion with some kind of evil kai or god, I have no proof. but really I want it to be a fusion so vegeta and goku have to fuse and we get Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta
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