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More and more Minoz are having their Cloud9 feels--- seeing none other than our prince LMH perform live on-stage! Last Sunday, July 21, the sixth stop of My Everything Global Tour 2013 happened at NTU Sports Centre, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan. The concert started at 19:00. Seeing the pictures, Minoz Taiwan were indeed lucky coz they even got a surprise Kwiyomi from oppa! I saw the stage set-up and I have to admit that it was so cool! The other parts of the show remained as it is--- sing and dance proper + a lucky Minoz who got to hug oppa on-stage. I'M SO HAPPY FOR Y'ALL, MINOZ TAIWAN! *5th photo: Oh yeah, I envy this girl! She was the one who danced with oppa on-stage... Have you noticed that it was oppa who took their picture? (He's so hot in that plunging-neckline black shirt!!) credits to foto owners
My love... :)