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{The Great Debate} Is Tokyo Ghoul even good? (Challenge me)

Is it even... Good?

Because I don't really think so! XD

Welcome to The Great Debate
It's been a looong while since I did something here on Vingle, and thought I'd lay out a little...challenge.
I have, personally, seen the anime Tokyo Ghoul 2 times, both the first season and the second season Tokyo Ghoul √A.
And honestly...I don't get why it has such a high score on MAL and being constantly praised everywhere on the Internet, and Vingle is no exception.

And I don't *get* why many believe Tokyo Ghoul is good XD

For those who are...brave XD...enough to take on this little challenge of mine, remember that you'll be heading towards battle with words, wit and reason against...


Use whatever reasonable logic, reasoning, leverage and so on to try to convince me (and everybody else) that Tokyo Ghoul is even worth-while *watching*.
You can see it as a challenge to get someone to watch anime for the first time, only that you have to suggest and promote Tokyo Ghoul, as there are plenty others that are easily better choices.
And no, you can't just say "you just don't get the story", which is the single lamest and worst card you can ever use. If I really don't get the story, explain. And I'll rebuttle! XD


This show might probably be good, and I just don't see that. And that this show might probably be bad, and *you* just don't see that!

The point is to explain why

Time To Debate!!!

There are 3 rules!

1. No rudeness here! Keep it clean and keep it to the subject!

2. Any remarks, opinions and examples can be voiced!

3. Rebuttle, rebuttle and keep on rebuttle!

And note that I live in Sweden. So if I suddenly lose contact, it might be because I have gone to sleep. Last messages and replies will be hit from my phone midnight (local time), which is GMT+1

Good luck

And prove me wrong!


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@VoidX I definitely understand what you mean because honestly, they actually rushed the storyline for TG in the anime and it gives us, the viewers, the feeling as though Kaneki wasn't even the main character and that he wasn't given as much time as other characters were given. It's true that Kaneki doesn't even realize most things going on around him because he's still a novice at being a ghoul, but if they animators had decided to put in more detail into the animation everything wouldn't be as confusing as it was. The time Kaneki was given was definitely not used as efficiently as us, Tokyo Ghoul fans, would've liked it to be. And I definitely see why you don't understand his reasoning for becoming a committed ghoul; honestly when I saw that part in the anime I was confused as hell because they rushed way too many scenes and removed quite a bit of important details. That's why in my earlier statement I said I preferred the manga version for TG. However, I guess my reasoning for liking both the anime and manga versions is still the same as my earlier statement, but it's also because of the fact that I knew what was happening. In the anime they put a load ton of context clues that the viewers themselves had to look for, it was never out in the open. As for Root A... I don't even know what to say about Root A because it's such a complicated mess. In my earlier opinion of TG, it was mainly for season 1 of TG. If you noticed the first season is just Kaneki getting to know the ghoul society and understanding the similarities between humans. However, in Root A they did not develop the storyline well enough for everyone to understand. Root A's Storyline Outline: - Kaneki leaves Anteiku to join Aogori Tree because he refuses to let any of his friends get wounded or killed, so he goes off with the strongest ghoul organisation to get stronger so he can protect his friends in Anteiku. He comes to this conclusion after he gets mentally and physically abused by Jason that something in him snaps. He realizes that the weak have no place in the ghoul society, so he sought out to get stronger. - Kaneki is still trying to get both ghouls and humans to coexist with one another. Kaneki refuses to eat any human flesh, and he's only been drinking coffee to curb his appetite. Kaneki instead goes for ghoul cannibalism. He eats the kagunes that the CCG uses as weapons to kill ghouls to try and make a discreet statement that not all ghouls are monsters and they only wish for coexistence. Kaneki is still trying to make the human race understand that ghouls are exactly like them. Those were supposed to be the two main storylines for season 2 Root A, but it got... messed up. lol, that's all I can say. Even as a TG lover, even I didn't understand second season too well. Although I still understood what was happening, the animators rushed the storyline that it seemed like a hot mess of complications, lmao. But if you really want to get to know the actual story for TG, check out the manga because it answers a bunch of unanswered questions that most people ask. However, you don't need to if you're not into reading manga, but it's much easier to understand the plot for both seasons.
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I think watching it subbed or dubbed makes a big difference it did for me
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Tokyo Goul is amazing....did you not hear the beginning music for the first season...come on now..that wreaked of awesomness!!!! The show is so amazing! its totally worth watching!
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Okay so iseen this card a few days ago and ididnt want to say anything until I finished watching it. The first season I really liked. I thought it had a good storyline and it interested me on how human Kaneki was forced and was trying to adapt to the ghoul life even though it was hard for him to handle, too much that he ended up going insane himself, that was pretty cool in my opinion. it also was cool how not only they showed the ghouls prospective, they also showed the CCG side of the story as well giving the audience a feel of both sides. However.... √A.. yes I see why you don't like TG.. it's like after Kaneki escapes where "Jason" was keeping him, the story had me like 'ummmm.. wtf??' it just seemed that chunks of the storyline were missing and everything was out of wack. There was still something there and I enjoyed watching some of √A but even so the last 2 or 3 episodes were kinda trippy it like goes to something else, shows random stuff and it just confused the fuck out of me. like okayyy? The gore however was pretty good. so I'd give TG and 9/10 & √A like a 6/10
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so i went and started reading the manga again and so far, up to the point where kaneki gets taken from antieku, before he goes through his whole transformation, the anime and manga are spot on; with a little bit more back story about rize, and more information about kagunes are in the manga than in the anime. I'm only reading the manga that is out in the volumes so I'm not to the root A portion, but i can say for sure that the anime is good up to the point where kaneki gets taken, you can pretty much throw everything else out the window about the anime, it is only worth watching to watch it and see the action, that's it
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