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Is it even... Good?

Because I don't really think so! XD

Welcome to The Great Debate
It's been a looong while since I did something here on Vingle, and thought I'd lay out a little...challenge.
I have, personally, seen the anime Tokyo Ghoul 2 times, both the first season and the second season Tokyo Ghoul 鈭欰.
And honestly...I don't get why it has such a high score on MAL and being constantly praised everywhere on the Internet, and Vingle is no exception.

And I don't *get* why many believe Tokyo Ghoul is good XD

For those who are...brave XD...enough to take on this little challenge of mine, remember that you'll be heading towards battle with words, wit and reason against...


Use whatever reasonable logic, reasoning, leverage and so on to try to convince me (and everybody else) that Tokyo Ghoul is even worth-while *watching*.
You can see it as a challenge to get someone to watch anime for the first time, only that you have to suggest and promote Tokyo Ghoul, as there are plenty others that are easily better choices.
And no, you can't just say "you just don't get the story", which is the single lamest and worst card you can ever use. If I really don't get the story, explain. And I'll rebuttle! XD


This show might probably be good, and I just don't see that. And that this show might probably be bad, and *you* just don't see that!

The point is to explain why

Time To Debate!!!

There are 3 rules!

1. No rudeness here! Keep it clean and keep it to the subject!

2. Any remarks, opinions and examples can be voiced!

3. Rebuttle, rebuttle and keep on rebuttle!

And note that I live in Sweden. So if I suddenly lose contact, it might be because I have gone to sleep. Last messages and replies will be hit from my phone midnight (local time), which is GMT+1

Good luck

And prove me wrong!


@VoidX I my personal opinion I liked to see how the two sides get to show who's right should Ghouls be allowed to live and eat humans? even the normal ones that have families? or should they all be eradicated? and used as experiments for psychopathic scientist or corrupt officers in "the name of justice"? I thought that looking at this perspective as well as the struggle of the Ghouls trying to lead normal lives and have human friends was interesting. Kaneki's personal termoil battle was interesting to see develop.
the amount of pain he goes thru up to the point he's broken and what he becomes is so beastly. addition to the gore just no restrictions on this anime
Honestly the manga is way better than the anime but it's still a good anime. I mean in general that anime hit me hard in cases some other anime has not yet shown me and here are the reasons. 1.) Being the ignorant teenager that I am, I have never really thought that humans were kinda insane in the head sometimes and this anime really showed me that. 2.) I just like the anime art style in general 馃槀 3.) It shows how much people can change after a few incidents, whether in a good or bad way, which many ppl feel that way about themselves. 4.) Let's just say #FRIENDSHIP GOALS between Hide and Kaneki. 5.) The amount of gore shown is perfect (for me at least) 馃槈 And that's all I can think of for now lol 馃構
Tokyo Goul is amazing....did you not hear the beginning music for the first season...come on now..that wreaked of awesomness!!!! The show is so amazing! its totally worth watching!
Honestly, it all goes down to how you view the anime. Some anime may seem extremely good and amazing to one person, but to another person it may seem not as amazing. Personally, I enjoyed the anime, however, I prefer the manga version for Tokyo Ghoul because: 1) The manga holds much more detail. 2) The anime left out a HUGE amount of detail, or some scenes were altered. 3) In the manga it gives you a broader perspective on the whole story and the storyline is much easier to understand. Although I prefer the manga version, the animated version for Tokyo Ghoul was just as amazing, except with less detail and a bit more reading between the lines to get the story line. However, the story plot isn't the only reason why I enjoyed this anime. - The characters are all different and you can see many character developments since the beginning of the anime (ex. Nishiki, Kaneki) - The animation was absolutely stunning and the voice actors were absolutely amazing when they needed to express any type of emotion - I absolutely loved the music for this anime, especially the first OP, but I adored all the OSTs and the ENDING songs - Lastly, I was pulled in by the storyline. I loved how in the beginning Kaneki absolutely hated and feared ghouls, but he eventually learns that ghouls are exactly like humans. He grows to realize that they didn't want to be born into something that humans called "monsters" and that they didn't have a choice in how they were born. Kaneki learns that ghouls have families as well and that they have feelings just like any regular human; and he starts to fit in both worlds. Not only does he learn the good parts of the ghoul society, he sees the pain and fear of it too. He starts to realize that the world itself was corrupted because the humans never wanted to learn more about ghouls, they only seeked to exterminate them out of fear of the unknown. However, this is my opinion for Tokyo Ghoul. If you don't like it or didn't enjoy it that's you're opinion. We all have different views on things and I'll respect every individuals view on TG. But if you haven't watched this anime, please watch it before judging it and forming an opinion for it. Thank you.
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