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Tokyo Ghoul

Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku (Seasons Die One After Another) ~amazarashi

I love this ending, the music, lyrics, everything! I really want to learn this on piano or something! I love how they did the animation for this ending, the way the art style was different and how each episode's was unique, and I think the song is just gorgeous.

Honorable Mentions

Like in my OP card, I couldn't possibly narrow this down any further than this! I did my best to find videos with lyrics, since that is sometimes a factor, but, unfortunately, that wasn't always an option.

Soul Eater

Strength ~Abingdon Boys School

This one was neck and neck with Tokyo Ghoul! Abingdon Boys School is the band that started my obsession with anime OPs and EDs with Jap, which I featured in my favorite OP card. This song is still one of my absolute favorites. I love that intense piano part (representative of Soul, maybe a little?) and the guitar line kind of sneaking in, and how the intensity kind of backs off then pounds back in! I never get tired of it! <3

Attack on Titan

Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai (Beautiful Cruel World)~Yoko Hikasa

This one, too, has a beautiful flowing piano line that I would love to learn! It starts out soft and lyrical, then grows into a full intense chorus, more orchestral. I also love the animation and the little story it kind of tells between Mikasa and Eren. This song makes my heart swell!

Great Escape ~cinema staff

This one is so rocking and intense! And I love how the lyrics match up so well with the anime.


Life ~Yui

I gotta look up the guitar tab for this! It's just so beautiful, I don't have words!

Hitohira no Hanabira (A Single Flower Petal) ~Stereopony

Isn't that flower petal mesmerizing? Once I hit this ending, I couldn't stop listening to it! Such a great jam!

Last Moment ~Spyair

This is one of those strut songs; I can't help but dance every time I hear it! It's just so awesome and fun and beautiful! I love those little harmonic parts! My favorite part might be that little lift where it kinda suspends for a beat at the end! Sugoi! I gotta check out more Spyair...


Trust Me ~Matsushita Yuya

Durarara!! has such a great soundtrack, especially the endings! I love the way they link all the characters together! The first I ever saw of this anime was at anime club with my college roommate. We'd stepped out to grab pizza, so unfortunately, we missed the beginning of Durarara!!, but this ending dug it's hooks in me!

Exit ~Revalcy

This one is much more my speed than the hip-hoppy Trust Me, even though I still love that one! Not sure what to say about it except that it's fun and makes me smile, like all the other Durarara!! EDs!

Fairy Tail

Glitter ~Another Infinity

I'm not usually one for remixes, but this song is beautiful. The arc it spanned wasn't the best, but this is one of my favorite endings (obviously, why else would I keep it in this overpacked card!?), and actually one of my favorite songs in general, just like all of these!

Kimi Ga Kureta Mono (What You Gave Me) ~Shizuka Kudo

Another beautiful lyrical selection, I love this one in every way. <3

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Uso (Lie) ~SID

I wasn't very fond of the OPs and EDs for the original FMA, but Brotherhood started off on a high note with this one! I mentioned that there was something I couldn't put my finger on that I just love about SID when I featured Ranbu no Melody in my OP card, but I think this was actually the first SID song I'd ever heard. I think what really got me with this ED is the adorable childish animation, which it reveals at the end is Ed and Al's doing! I adore the song as well with whatever that X factor is that SID has! This one kind of makes me think of a sunrise or something...

Shunkan Sentimental (Sentimental Moment) ~SCANDAL

This ending was super fun and constantly stuck in my head! It would also send me into a little mini rage because that tunnel always accompanied a huge cliffhanger in this addictive anime!

Gurren Lagann

Minna no Peace (Peace for Everyone) ~Afromania

This is another fun one, and I love the harmonies! I also love that animation, so cool!

Kill La Kill

Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai (Sorry, I Can't Be a Good Child) ~Miku Sawai

I love the whole Kill La Kill soundtrack, but i think this one's my favorite! I don't really know why... Maybe part of it is that it's kind of light and bright, if that makes sense? Idk, I just think it's fun and pretty, and I love it!


Wind ~Akeboshi

Like with FMA, I wasn't too fond of the original series' OPs and EDs (they were cute, but they don't really stay with me), but I absolutely love the first ED! A big part might be because the meter is largely in 5, and 5/4 and 7/8 are probably my favorite time signatures because they confuse you for a hot second before you get in the groove, and then they're kind of driving! Another reason I love this one is the instrumentation, with the heavy piano and the bright flute (that actually might be a piccolo; I tried it on my flute and it's a bit high...). The lyrics are also appealing to me.

Utakata Hanabi (Transient Fireworks) ~supercell

Yet another lyrical beauty! Can you tell I like those? I definitely like this one for the light vocals. The lyrics are also beautiful. I hope you enjoy(ed) that AMV; it made me cry!

Madoka Magica

Magia ~Kalafina

Kalafina usually takes a few listens to grow on me, like with Lacrimosa, one of the Black Butler EDs, which I thought was just kind of okay at first, but now I love it! This was not the case with Magia! This ED was the reveal of the real Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Super intense, dark, and kinda creepy (love that violin! And those harmonies! *shudders with ecstasy *), it really set the tone!


Okay, so I was going to only do one of these since they're kinda similar, but then I remembered a thing that I saw drawing parallels between them, which just makes them so much cooler, so I couldn't resist! #Yatori <3

Heart Realize ~Tia

Unfortunately and infuriatingly, I couldn't find a video with lyrics, so, rather than giving you some terrible sounding cover translated into English or some shit like that, I gave you the actual video and copied the translated lyrics below: Because no matter what happens, I'll call your name without fail You're the owner of a jagged heart Anything you touch gets hurt You scowl at everything in the world Your eyes say it, but I'm here Someone was laughing So the boundary line was pulled in If that's so, I'll take your hand and take you with me If you can't say it, hold my hand tight and don't let go I want you to know that you're not alone anymore I love the Noragami soundtrack, and I always thought this song was really beautiful. I love how these EDs were clearly written specifically for this anime!

Nirvana ~Tia

This one, I think is a bit more cutesy than Heart Realize, but just as beautiful! I love the animation, showing the three of them like the adorable dysfunctional family they are! <3 I also love the focus on Yato, especially with what he was dealing with for the second part of the season, being ripped away from Yukine and Hiyori. I think it's so cool how these 2 endings fit together the way they do! As if I could love this anime more!
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@alliepetey I love especially the OVAs.. so funny
there are so many amazing OP and EDs πŸ˜ƒ I LOVE THE NORAGAMI ENDINGS!!!!!!! @ovvhr @OtakuDemon10 yas!!! I rewatched s1 when s2 came out πŸ’–
but I'm def gonna rewatch after I'm done
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