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I want to travel, I want to see new people. I want to discover myself somewhere else. I want to be a stranger and make myself a new home.
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ME TOO!!! AAAAAHHHH! I bought a bus a year ago, planning to take ex & kids travelling, but it broke down right after... (then the relationship followed), and now I'm stranded w/ this big old bus I'm converting to biodeisel... grrrrr... want to hit the road & take pictures like a tourist! lol
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@StarRainTearBow hit the road alone .. that would be a wonderful experience
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lol... Yeah, but if I did that, I wouldn't take a bus... lol (I kinda only got it for the kids/hosting guests on the road) When I was younger I did the solo thing. Now I want to find other "techie" travellers I can impart my street senses to. (Like "no, no, I know they *look* friendly... because their on coke! Walk the other way...)
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(learning how to secure gear, travel safe, etc.) Nothing spoils road trips like getting your gear boosted. 馃槙
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(besides, have you ever changed a bus tire by yourself?!? I'm over the hill, and need @ least one strapping buck for this... lol)
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