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Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program: http://udskambulk.xyz The first 30 days of the Warrior Shredding Program is history and I'm down about 12 lbs since I started. The calorie deficit isn't as aggressive as the Aggressive Fat Loss program I recently did so it does feel like I'm eating a ton more. I also started the keto diet which is no carbs, in conjunction with Kinobody just to see how my body would react to it, also to see if it's the type of lifestyle I could live. There's more to working out then aesthetics and body composition. Some people work out for the health benefits or they just want to feel better. Since going on keto, I have more energy than ever and I don't have that sluggish feeling after 3pm that I usually get. It could all just be in my head so I'll have to stick with it and see if this energy level and how I feel stays consistent. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my journey of Kinobody and Keto!