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This is my first GOT7 Stash card!
I really have no organization to the layout but I did try to bunch the pictures by member... but I wasn't going to spend an hour trying to make it perfect haha
I also know that I have a lot of Jackson and not so many for some of the other members, I will work on that for the future :)
I've already done a BTS Stash card which you can find by clicking on the picture. I have separate boards for BTS and GOT7 so if you're a fan of either you should go check them out! Here is the link in case the picture doesn't work...
I don't have a GOT7 tag list yet so if you would like to be tagged in my future GOT7 and/or BTS carts please comment! Specify if you would like one or the other or would like to be tagged in both! The beginnings of a tag list: @MrsBangYongguk
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Tag me plz