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Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: (It's gotten complicated) Chapter: 4 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.
Y/N POV "Y/N." Jong-dae pulled away from you and you both looked at the person who called your name with wide eyes. "Xiumin what are you doing up?" you said surprised. "Uh, I don't think that's the question that should be asked right now. What were you two doing?" Min-seok said surprised himself. You looked at Jong-dae and instantly felt guilty. The tea kettle started whistling and you hurried to get it off the stove before waking anyone else up. You started fixing your tea without a word and the two boys watched you in silence. Never before had you been so embarrassed in your life. Why did all this happen? "So have you two been secretly dating?" Min-seok asked. You shook your head no but you couldn't bare to look in Jong-dae's direction. You were too embarrassed and you didn't want to see that hurt look on his face. Your best friend just confessed to you, had it been a perfect world you would've said you loved him too, but you didn't. You once had a crush on him, if you could call it a crush. When you first met him, he was very nice to you and gave you hugs. You liked his big smile and how round his cheeks got when he smiled full. He didn't mind your weird habit of touching people's faces when you got excited either. You tried to contain yourself in the first few months of knowing the boys when you were excited by putting your hands behind your back to keep from grabbing their cheeks but Chen would unlock your hands and place them on his face and smile. You always thought he was cute and even now he was attractive but that little crush didn't stay long. You saw him more as a brother and you had thought he only saw you as a best friend, a sister, an eomma. You felt like dying, Jong-dae was about to touch your shoulder but hesitated; you could see it come back down to his side from the corner of your eye. "Let's just forget about this, it never happened okay." "Chen." you said helpless. You looked up at him, tears building up to the brim of your eyes. You felt like shit, like you had hurt him so much. You felt ashamed for wanting Yixing when he kissed you. You had no idea he had these feelings for you and it sucked because you somehow felt like you led him on. All your attention and affection towards him had given him the wrong idea. "I'm sorry." "Don't be, I never said I was giving up." He walked out of kitchen leaving you and Min-seok alone. He leaned against the counter looking at you. "What was all that about? What did he mean he's not giving up?" "He said he loved me." "Well yeah but we all knew that." "It's not that kind of love Min-seok." You said. His eyebrows furrowed for a second then he raised them in surprise. "Oh." You looked at him, this entire day was exhausting and you had finally felt the need to sleep. Min-seok looked like he was in deep thought. "Look just don't tell the guys about this. I just want to pretend it never happened." "My lips are sealed." He mimed zipping his lips and locking them then throwing away the key. You gave him a sad smile and he walked over to give you a hug, "I'm sorry this happened, was he at least good?" You slapped his stomach chuckling, "Why do you even want to know that? What are you planning on kissing him?" "I don't know but I've been thinking, Chen's been looking really good lately." he said joking. It made you laugh though, it distracted you from the pain. For that, you were grateful to have Min-seok. "Pabo." You said lightly. Jong-dae probably hadn't fallen asleep yet but you were tired. You looked at the couch thinking you could manage sleeping there. The boys never woke up before you anyway so they wouldn't see you asleep on the couch and ask questions. Min-seok saw you looking and he said, "You can sleep next to me, you know. You used to do it, remember?" "You hate sharing the bed though." "No I don't, Jong-dae is just always offering before I can get a chance so I just stopped asking when you say you're staying over." "Oh." Min-seok walked with you to the room and checked to see if Jong-dae had fallen asleep yet. He was down for the night so he waved you in and you two got in the bed. He slept closer to the wall trying to give you room but you had curled up like a ball and went to sleep. The last thought that went through your head was when you and Min-seok were headed to bed you saw Yixing's door cracked open a bit. You could've sworn the door was closed when you and Jong-dae walked past it earlier. Yixing's POV Yixing wasn't exactly a light sleeper but he was already just starting to wake up on his own when he heard the quiet speak of his door being pushed open. "Yixing, time to wake up." he heard her say. She normally came over and shook him awake. If that didn't work she'd jump on top of the bed and lightly slap his face while singing a wake up song, she made up the lyrics so they were never the same when she sang it. She sounded unsure, like she shouldn't be in the room in first place. He really must've made her nervous. "Yixing please wake up." she said. She still didn't come closer to him, he turned in bed and opened his eyes to look at her. She purposely wasn't coming over to him and he felt the need to reach out for her like he did in his dreams. That was getting worse too; last night he got up to get a drink and had seen the kitchen light on, he slowed down when he heard Min-seok and Y/N talking. He over heard her say that Jong-dae confessed to her and he felt pissed off but at the same time he wanted to know if she felt the same. He had continued listening and when he heard Min-seok ask if Jong-dae was a good kisser he wanted to punch a hole in the wall. 'He had kissed her too! Damn him'. He went back to his room only to have the image of those two kissing in front of him all night. He kept telling her to stay but again she wouldn't listen. He'd reach out for her but could touch her. Yixing got out of bed and slowly and carefully made his way over to her. For a second, she seemed lost in thought and hadn't noticed his walking over to her. When she did notice, he saw her stiffen up. He hated that, but his unexpected kiss yesterday had prompted that reaction and it was probably harder for her after Jong-dae kissed her too. Each time he thought of Jong-dae kissing her he immediately wanted to take possession of her, he wanted to cover up Jong-dae's scent with his own. He wanted to mark her as his. "Relax." He said when he saw her tighten up. She couldn't seem to relax though, he placed his hand on the wall behind her, she had been leaning against it since she walked in. She looked up at him her eyes searching his wondering what he was going to do. He used his free hand to catch her chin, "You're really beautiful Y/N." he said. He watched her inhale slightly and when she exhaled he saw her shiver. He smirked at that, she was cute. She had a sweet innocent puppy dog face on while she looked up at him. He lowered his head down, his lips just hovering over hers. "What do you think of me Y/N?" She blinked like she didn't know what he meant or why he was asking. "Y-you're beautiful too." she stuttered. That was cute too, he smirked. He made her nervous just being that close to her; she had no idea what she did to him just by looking at him. "That's not what I mean," he said. He saw her eyebrow twitch as if to say 'what do you mean'. He moved his head and leaned in next to her ear and whispered, "Do you like me?" She didn't answer for a second, then she said, "You're the one that kissed me, I think I should be the one asking that question." He chuckled as he brought his head up from her ear. He kept his face close to hers his lips just inches away from her lips. She sounded breathless and he liked that, "I want you." he said his gaze shifting from her lips to he'd eyes. Her breath hitched, she was starting to blush now. She was too cute, he was teasing her a bit on purpose just to see what she'd do. "I like you Y/N and I want you, all of you. So why not go on a date with me today?" He said. He saw her eyes widen and he smiled bigger. She looked like she was trying to figure him out. Even he admitted that he was acting out of character but everything he was saying was true. He wanted her, bad. "Lay I can't-" "You wanted me to relax for the week didn't you? If you don't go out with me I may not sleep for days, I won't be able to eat, I may even end up in the hospital again from fainting." "That's dirty Lay." She said upset. He nodded and said, "I know but only because you seem to need a reason." She puffed her cheeks slightly and crossed her arms while looking away from him upset. That was even cuter, he laughed at her but she seemed upset that she was basically blackmailed into a date. He sighed calming his laughs but kept his smile, things probably would've been easier if Jong-dae hadn't confessed to her or kissed her. He was being a little more aggressive than he initially wanted to but he had to show her how he felt, how he always felt since he met her. How it was confirmed when she held him as he cried. "Fine. Anyway, you need to get dressed the boys should be ready soon. I think kyungsoo is cooking right now if you're quick maybe you can help him out. Are you sure you can handle the photo shoot today?" she said. She was speaking fast, that habit of hers when she was thinking up plans while she was talking. "Yeah I'll be fine, I got enough sleep." She nodded and turned to head out the door but he couldn't just let her walk away. Because of the countless times he'd watched her walk away seemingly upset in his dreams, an automatic reflex went off and he grabbed her and pulled her back to him. He leaned her up against the wall, one hand on her face the other on her waist. Her hand rested on his bare chest and she looked up at him wondering what he'd do next. His thumb grazed over her bottom lip slowly pulling it away from her top lip. His gaze was intense and he leaned in again as if to kiss her. She inhaled sharply expecting the kiss which made him hesitate for a second. Instead of immediately kissing her hard, he started out slow. His lips touched hers and his tongue swiped across her bottom lip getting her to open her mouth a little. He kissed her deeper but slowly; he felt her hand move up to his hair. Her fingers entangled in it and lightly pulled his hair. He made the kiss harder, devouring her lips in pleasure, he gripped her waist tighter. She gasped in his mouth as he moved closer to her picking her up off the ground and using the wall as support. She let out a moan, their tongues entangled, they clung to each other hungrily, each sound of pleasure she made pushed him further. He didn't want to pull away, he only wanted more. His hand slid up her back and under her shirt making her shiver. Suddenly, she pulled him away taking a breath; she was panting. "I can't do this right now." He set her back down on the floor while panting himself; he watched as she tried to make sure she didn't look disheveled. She barked at him to hurry up and get ready or he'd make the others late and left. That wasn't true though, he wouldn't make them late, she always woke them up earlier than they needed to be so they showed up early to their events. She'd always say, "You start early you finish early." The only time she really let them sleep in was if it was a concert, or fan signing or if they had the day off. The events that were scheduled to start at a specific time, no matter how early they came, she didn't bother them too much but she was strict as hell about being punctual that was her bread and butter. He remembered the manager praising her for it too. Yixing turned around to go get clothes and get ready until he was stopped by the sound of his door closing behind him. He turned when he heard a voice say, "That was dirty Yixing." Yixing turned to see him leaning against the door. Jong-dae's POV Min-seok was the one to wake him up early instead of Y/N. He figured she'd talk to him a little less or try not to be awkward around him but would ultimately fail. He asked Min-seok where she had gone after he fell asleep but he told her that she just slept next to him the rest of the night. The clothes he leant her were now folded up and laid neatly by his bed. She did that even if the clothes were dirty because she thought leaving them scattered on the floor was disrespectful, even if they were just going to get tossed in the dirty clothes bag. Min-seok sat on his bed and looked up at Jong-dae. "Why did you confess to her all of a sudden?" he asked. Jong-dae shrugged even though he knew why. She was carrying for Yixing more than him. He was being selfish he knew that but she was his best friend, he had been in love with her for two years now. Yixing didn't deserve her, he didn't know her as well as he did. Min-seok spoke up again, "You know why you did it Jong-dae don't lie." "He would've taken her from me." "He? You mean Yixing? So that's why you asked that question." he said realizing why he'd asked him if Y/N really had a thing for Lay. "Even so, I don't think kissing her out of the blue helped your case." "I didn't want to lose her, although I feel like I already have. She knows how I feel now I can't take it back. I'm not giving up on her." "Well I hate to bring up this factor but suppose she picks Yixing over you, then what?" Jong-dae sighed, if she truly did pick Lay over him he wouldn't interfere with their relationship. She was still his best friend and he wouldn't want to cause her any unnecessary grief. He admired Lay and his talent as well, despite putting himself in competition with him, he loved him like a brother. It would hurt if she didn't feel the same way towards him, that was only natural but he could force himself to ignore his feelings for her. Min-seok gave him a sympathetic look and then stood up, "I promised I wouldn't say anything about what I saw to the guys but be careful Chen, Lay can be stubborn too. Not to mention Y/N, you don't want her getting hurt either do you?" "Of course not." He answered back quick. Min-seok nodded and headed out the door. Chen went to take a quick shower and got dressed, he still hadn't seen or heard Y/N since last night. She wasn't yelling for a roll call; he didn't hear her calling the guys to hurry up with their showers. He wondered if she'd left. He was walking up the hall to go look for her when he stopped by Lay's door. He heard Y/N's voice coming from inside, "Y-you're beautiful too.." "That's not what I mean." He heard Yixing say. He didn't hear what he'd said next but he heard her say, "You're the one that kissed me I think I should be the one asking that question." His hands started shaking 'what the he'll they already kissed?' he thought. His heart was racing; he felt like he'd been punched in the stomach. They both had kissed her. They continued to talk and when he heard Yixing confess he felt like punching him in the face. He bit his lip trying to contain himself as he continued to listen. He had blackmailed her into going out with him, playing on her caring nature, that was cruel. He knew he had kissed her when he heard a moan escape her lips; he couldn't see anything but he heard that. Standing there listening to them was pissing him off more but he didn't move, he was more scared of what he might do to Yixing in front of Y/N. She stopped him and then proceed to get back on track with taking care of the guys. It wasn't long before she walked out of his room; she didn't look behind her so she never saw him standing there. When he calmed down enough, he walked into the room and saw Yixing heading back to go take a shower. He closed the door behind him and said, "That was dirty Yixing." Yixing turned around a little shocked at first then his expression went a little hard. Jong-dae was leaning against the door, determined to keep himself there so he didn't do anything stupid. "What do you want Chen?" He said. "I want Y/N." "Does she want you?" "I could ask you the same thing. You forced her into going out with you." he said obviously disgusted by his tactics. "Why are you in my room Chen? To tell me I'm a horrible person?" Jong-dae sighed calming his emotions, "No, I came to tell you I'm not giving up on her. I respect you Lay I honestly do, so I think that you deserve to know I wont stop fighting for her just because you like her too." "And if she doesn't return your feelings?" "I still won't give up I'll wait for her but if she does choose you... I'll leave you two alone. As much as I love her and as much as it would hurt to let her go, I would rather her be happy and stay my friend than to end up hating me." He saw some hint of sadness in Yixing's eyes as if he hadn't thought about that. Yixing turned away from him and headed for his shower all the while saying, "Give it your all Chen, but don't think I'll go down easy."
This is turning out longer than I expected lol, anyway thank you to everyone reading and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Tag List: @kpossible4250 @EmilyCayetano @ElishaFisher @jaysbae13 @griseldazenger @JessicaEvaristo @tiffany1922
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