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I'm dead! I died! Like omg!!! I'm excited!! Guess who missing work that day to see themselves!! Me!!!!!! Oh yeah one of my friend flown all the way to Chicago to see them there! And spent a truck load of money to see them again in kcon! And now she like wtf they are coming her now! Could ha e saved her a lot of money is she had just waited!! But I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to see them!! Omg omg! Onew my bias and Minho is my wrecker! And the rest of the group messes me up! My friend says key like actually glows! I want to see this! Omg omg alskfjsalfjsjahdka
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Have a kick ass time… 😉
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I will!!! I'm gonna. Try not to die @PeachyLife
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@StephersTaylor hahaha…U will probably need cat's life to survive the concert kekeke
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