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Okay everyone, it's finally here. Took me sometime but I think I got everything together. It is very evident that they are trapped in some sort of hospital and the nurses are treating them for something they do not want to be treated for. At debut, the boys had showcased their power from the tree of life and are referring back to that, as they are using their powers again. There is the possibility that they were brought back to their planet (shown by the black and white planets during Lay's part) against their will. As it is against their will, the black liquid being injected into the IV could be something to erase their memories of earth. However, the random planets could have been what stopped the boys losing their memory and triggered their powers, ultimately helping them escape. For the nurses, however, they might be saesang fans. This is gonna be a whole new theory on its own, maybe. In D.O's first lines, he states that, "Oh, the sun is rising I hold the map that will find you I follow the coordinates and follow course No matter, this silver compass Will point to you" They could be claiming that the saesangs are getting in the way of finding their true fans. If they could, they would use their powers to cast aside all those who do not truly support them so they can embrace and cherish their loyal and real fans. Hope this was not too long. It was the first theory I have actually posted. Feedback or your thoughts would be appreciated.
*EDIT* So I just re-watched the intro to "Mama" and I really feel like SM is planning something huge. At the end, where the maze had appeared and three hidden strobed of light, making 12 total. Idk if I sound like I'm not over the departure of Lutaokris, I'm sorry but something is not right about it. I'm calling conspiracy, tbh.
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woww nice theory I'm horrible with finding the concepts of videos but I'm glad to have read yours 😉