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you guys. it's one week from now. and I'm glad to say. Korea is calling me name. I'll be gone for 6 weeks. I'll be posting vids and pics!!!! so stay tune :)
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AWESOME. Hope you have a blasty blast🎇
a year ago·Reply
You will have an amazing time. I went and I miss it like crazy
a year ago·Reply
OMGGGGG keep us updated i'll be living vicariously through you lol!
a year ago·Reply
@JackieG1617 @PassTheSuga @LeannePratt @kpopandkimchi kekeke. I'll post every moment bc I will surely miss I and it will go by so fast I probably won't remember most of the things :( I keep u guys updated Saturday!
a year ago·Reply
@SongHyunah yayy, hope you have fun! 😜
a year ago·Reply