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To start, I feel like the song was directed towards fans on a whole. In the chorus they state that, "I’m creepin’ in your heart, babe I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up I’ll steal you and indulge in you" The "threat" was show that they have claimed and is claiming more fans hearts. For the MV, in the scene that is now being known as the "last supper," BaekHyun was missing, just like in all the other heavier scenes:
BaekHyun was never injured like the other members and when they were all in the van, there were only 8 members. Where was BaekHyun, you ask?
BaekHyun was the guard. Was he the reason that they got caught or their way out? There is a whole Jesus and Judas theme going on and Baek is Judas. He defied them but it could have possibly been for the better good of the others. BaekHyun technically put his life on the life to save his members in the MV, despite them being senselessly beaten. This theory needs to be ironed out a bit more but this is my impression of it right now.