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I miss those old days when all you thought about was how to have fun.
The world is your own. I know for a fact that when I graduate highschool I'm packing my bags and leaving. I'm going to make the world my own and live my life to the fullest. Im going to leave this trap. No one can tell me I cant. I refuse to just pay bills and die.
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@Fromtheheart That's actually what I'm planning on doing as well. I was so engrossed in my future and all that that I didn't notice how unhappy I had become. Now I'm just going to put all that aside and take care of me. I'm going to be selfish 😊
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@MariRu yeah its hard becuase like sometimes I expect so much and work so hard for that to come but it just can't come yet. Like until then we just have to be good to ourselves so we won't be mentally dead when we get there.
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@Fromtheheart Exactly. All the hard work won't mean anything if we end up dead before we get there
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