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Let me hear you say ~Fly! 1. JB is into Soul Music and some of his favorite artists are Prince, Ray Charles and D'Angelo. 2. Jackson revealed that he is suffering from Astigmatism. A defect in the eye which results to blurred and distorted vision. In the distance it may be blurry to him. 3. BamBam wants to be called 'Handsome' or 'Sexy' instead of being a 'Baby.' 4. Mark can understand and speak a little bit of Chinese but not fluently. 5. Before debuting, Yugyeom would pray every night, hoping for everyone to debut. 6. Mark has mentioned that he would like to do skydiving before he dies. 7. During the winter, Mark wears a hoodie to sleep. 8. JB's ideal type is a cute girl who catches his attention. 9. Mark and Jackson have had slept in the same bed before as trainees when Mark was visiting Hong Kong, Jackson's hometown. 10. Mark enjoys watching the other members getting punished. 11. The members said if Mark were an animal, he would be a cat. 12. Youngjae has claimed that there was no topic in the SAT's that he was confident in. 13. Youngjae has said that he loves all food except cucumbers. 14. Jackson's ideal type is someone who is attractive and healthy. 15. There was a time where the members thought BamBam looked a lot like BTS' Jungkook. 16. Mark hates Eggplants. 17. JB hates creams. 18. BamBam hates Fish. 19. Jr. dislikes pasta. 20. Jackson doesn't like anything that is spicy for him. 21. The one part where the girl is talking in 'If You Do' is actually Kpop Star 4's finalist Lily M. 22. Mark farts the most in all of GOT7 23. Yugyeom was bullied by an Former JYP Trainee. 24. BamBam flashed Youngjae at their first meeting. 25. Youngjae once made Mark so mad that he punched the AC of a car. 26. Their famous dog, 'Coco' was originally gonna be named 'Heart.' 27. JB is the only member who doesn't have any siblings. 28. Jr. has a lot of fancy underwear. 29. JB is close with Sistar's Dasom and Hyorin. 30. The members have said that there are a lot of foreign JYP trainees.
Did you learn something? Which fact shocked you the most? Do you want a part 2 of GOT7 facts? Then lets get this card to 50 likes!
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I can't see Mark farting the most. I honestly thought it would be jackson
I also want to know what exactly is 'fancy underwear' that Junior has.
I want to know what Youngjae did to Mark to piss him off so bad.
Number 22 dou 馃槀馃槀
my heart broke Jr and I are not meant to be...he doesn't like pasta...sadness
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