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2008 was an insane year for Kpop.

All the songs listed below went viral and TOTALLY changed the face of Kpop forever. Be sure to pay attention to Rainism and the Wonder Girls - they were HUGE this year and still remain a big part of Korean pop culture.

SS501 - Song Calling For You & UR Man

Epik High - One & 1 Minute 1 Second

SHINee - Replay & Love Like Oxygen & Amigo

Wonder Girls - So Hot & Nobody

Lee Hyori - U Go Girl

Big Bang - Haru Haru

Younha - Telepathy

TVXQ - Mirotic & Wrong Number

Rain - Rainism

Who else wants to relive this era!?

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Omo!!! I have fond memories of some of these songs!! Addmitedly I wasn't a kpop fan from way back then, but I have stumbled scross these songs and loved them!
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I got into kpop in 2011 but this still makes me cry. Like I miss the old stuff but I do have to say every year kpop saves itself I'd you know what I mean. Like I miss the old stuff but at the same time it's not like what we have now is bad.
a year agoReply
@szewwy for me I liked watching it when I was little but really got into to it when I saw wonder girls live :D
a year agoReply
Whoop whoop! Class of 08! BUUUUT back to the topic at hand, I had never heard of any of these songs back then, and save for Haru Haru, I hadn't heard of any of them until now. 馃檲
a year agoReply
YAHS!!!! Love me some old Big Bang!!
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